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June 30, 2020 7:40 pm

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June 30, 2020 7:40 pm

The show began with some technical issues, after which questions then included---1- Is Sunday worship of Pagan origin- --2- Can we lose our salvation- Why do different verses seem to go both ways on this issue- --3- What does it mean that no one knows the hour except the Son, especially since Jesus seems to know every detail about what is going to happen---4- Is the MacArthur study Bible a good resource---5- What is your take on the large variants in Mark 16 and John 8. Would you preach out of those---6- Paul says that women can't speak in church, does that include prayer-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded that's like show wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a matter why. As usual, all you do was delete 772072276. It's easy to do and let's see what else going on. We are working hard on the new website. It will be released for a month or two with so much stuff to do so much stuff to do and just as if you pray for us in the process of getting all the stuff done because there's a lot to do there really is and I was appreciative for they look at you if you're interested in checking other schools you can do that. All you gotta do is go to and the on the websites on the right-hand side of any page is whatever you need in order to really get to the schools and so we have three of them were theology when apologetics one on critical thinking and they are there for your sake, for you to be able to study to learn the truth is and get the problem, tech thing, got, and I think you learn your faith is what you do when you live the faith. I will have a burden for that for Christians.

I want Christians to to understand the faith is and to learn it. So if you're interested you can check amount is go to excluded schools and I'm having trouble getting into the contracts why my having something in the comics that is odd. That's strange, not able to get into it so he probably does not build a pick up the phone for the caller's method is a different way on what's going on. All of a sudden and so maybe if the admin guys listening, he can give it to Charlie. Charlie can talk it talk to me about it and I we can work things out. I do not know why the sound is all of a sudden were having all kind of problems I get that it should've worked, but no, I didn't actually do that step in and took care of it so well folks are looking to your calls. 877-207-2276.

Give me a call and we can talk if you're new to the shower. Not sure with shows about it is about so Christian apologetics and what you do here is answer questions for you and answer questions and that's what we do on the Bible tackle the issues of the Scripture apologetics a defense of the Christian faith and all kind of stuff. So I hope you want to give me a call and we can talk. It's a lot of fun. Now what I'm doing here simultaneously while I'm trying to get this thing going to get the comics to work having a problem with that delete that city to see a program I have. I can see the colors so well that she was going on with that and is, live thing, just just happened for no reason actually get a major update on my computer today.

I wonder if somehow it threw things off.

That's always a possibility. Trying a different browser and is incorrect stuff so so anyway yeah I don't going on here. Sorry folks, this is live radio trying to figure it out as we go right now and nothing is working, so it may have to do is just have just have them put the colors on so that I can then work with stuff. Maybe take a break at the classic break. If we can't significant what to do. I cannot see anything on the system. I know what's going on so that's that's kinda not good concluded that it was going on can get the audio working okay I got that folks.

I'm trying I can do anything so I don't want to do here is even him in a radio we are having a major issue major issue right now so I do. I'm working on stuff right now and it won't take. That's what's going on. It won't. Okay, shut the browser down and see if I get back in were having major problems or they can do is just ramble on talking you know what I know if anybody can hear me on the on the time even on do is remove my computer's going to have to do so if you guys could put something on I'll be back a little bit and hope the comics going will suit you figured out right. Be right back in the run like the wind, and that just was possible.

Then within three minutes my heart rate was normal. Now if I think about wanting.

There's issues so I could deal with a lot of stuff, but because we know this like anyway I said I we have four lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to see right there. Tom welcome here on nearby town quite that far yet sure move that Bob guess that all product and wagon Lido Bella right right that bad right on Saturday what thing on Sunday.

Can you provide me on that. Sure, I've written on this on the websites and all you do is go there, Leonard, and you can type in the words worship on Sunday what I'm doing because of the notes are right there and there's an article worship on Sunday instead of Saturday and the reason is because in the primary verse want to go to his room is for… I see Romans 14, five and six. Romans 14 and it says there one man regards one day another regards, every day alike that each man be fully convinced in his own mind. He who observes the day observed for the Lord who eats us with the Lord. So what is he saying there is if are supposed worship on Saturday, then why is it that Paul the apostle says each person is to be convinced of his own mind if were supposed worship on Saturday, he would've said you must worship on Saturday. Also check out Colossians 216, 17 planning on coming on TurboTax it says this therefore let no one act as your judge in regard to food or drink respect to a festival which is yearly or a new moon which is monthly or a Sabbath day is weekly. Things which are mere shadow of what is to come by. The substance blocked Christ, and also asked 20% on the first day of the week that Sunday when we heard we were gathered together to break bread all began talking to them and longest message to let the night salute other verses like this solicitors 702 okay I… I remember that… That their website, the other right there also some more versus some first printing 61 tendinitis for immaculate bike that a rogue road to cultivate that that that they will… Member at all like that where violating the Laura like not doing independent of MMA down flight any letter written by all they have to do that outlet not applicable.

Well here's the thing is that in acts chapter 930 verse 15 Jesus appeared to Paul and commissioned him to be the colossal time Gentiles. So you bring that up to them as it is. Would Jesus it's not you calling Jesus a liar and who are you to say Paul is true unless it's because you want to submit what the word of God says to your personal preferences and that is tackle doing all right. That's a bad group and see other different views and different very all right abortive and how I'm on live all right for the podcast or to make sure it's a 618 2020. I do not know what happened in my system, but it just wouldn't accept stuff and all kind of different way. So I rebooted I did a major update today and that's why think they were back on for you to call all you do is dial 87720776 and live radio that happens every now and then that's what it is. So there you go and actually it sees is a continuum of schools yeah check out the schools. Please, folks, I want you to become educated. I want you to know the faith. I want you know the faith is about far to make Christians just don't understand. And if you think that you don't need to know how you do because the more you know, the better you to be able to understand the word of God and enjoy preaching and teaching and the better you hear the voice of God as well because you know that you're able to hear what God is saying.

Now we have the fourth lines 877-207-2276, and before you get the collards little you know that we do still nearby your support. So if you are inclined. All you do is go to and on the right-hand side of the pages to the donate button and we would appreciate it if you would give us a C5 10, $50 month. Don't ask for much.

But whatever you do, give even one time thing it does help us make a budget so that we can direct money to go to such things as developing the website and websites. As a matter fact for the new with the missionaries we have countries and use material in videos and things like that. So if that's in you are interested in doing. Please check out,.org/donate for open lines 877-207-2276 let's see like North Carolina might welcome you on here that yes I got I'm okay hanging in there.

It or you to procure under certain birth where it ain't like you know you get out, great care. You get a bat that you're right your life then there's other verses and yet I think it might stick or big thank you Peter chapter 2, stuff like that where it ain't like you know walk the line then you can actually lose your salvation or you may not actually a if you don't live a Christian life died. I got I wanted to get your opinion on that little Bible tells us we cannot lose in salvation and I know that a lot of people say we can and I just disagree with wholeheartedly. Because Jesus said in John 637 through 40.

He said that the will. The father was that he lose none of whom the father had given to him. Jesus always does well.

The father so is not possible that we could lose our salvation or some other reasons as well. So that's that. And this is how that is so I can say is that when it does mention things about running the race about finishing been disqualified either things that are written generically to the Christian church generically and openly so that it's a like a mixture look, you have got a watch out you to be careful and when they would write the running to a group of people. So let's say that I'm at a conference and speak to a thousand people and worked on when given a vandalism message went on to be telling people is that you need to trust in Christ.

I would work more concise way than what was developed in Scripture because we developed the whole of Scripture. I would say also to the group of people and I would say something to the effect of look you need to believe in Jesus and if you don't even be in trouble and you need to walk correctly, you need to repent of your sins, you need to do what is right before God, because if you don't do it right before God. You are in jeopardy of going to hell if I'm saying this to people. It's a there's a mixture of of saved and unsaved. What are you writing a letter to somebody is writing a letter to somebody in the recovery, every right back after these messages that I call 770727 charismatic slave back in the show. What you may call you for online 772072276 don't know that a lot of people start calling the last half of the show and we don't get all so this is how it is going to call early. If you're able to, please do 877-207-2276 is Mike North Carolina might welcome on their.

Yes sir I okay yes sir but that we had just bought you so many things went wrong on my computer just did major update took an hour and then everything was working fine till the radio and all kind of stuff I dedicate all right, so I don't answer the question sufficiently because winter break started something and I think about it right. Oh yeah I remember. And so if I'm if I'm preaching to a thousand people on the say something generic is applied to both safe and unsafe when I'm writing a letter to be read to have seen by someone at a conference to write the same, thanks.

Be careful that you don't fall away. And when I say fall away. There's different ways of falling away and is talking about this in the New Testament because the Jews were able to know the truth, to a certain degree. They would walk away from the complete truth of who Christ was and so in that context to be careful. Be careful because you can fall away from the truth and it's a warning to the Jews who work a lot of times in these churches because Jesus had done incredible things and the word of his miracles resurrection was around, and Jews and Gentiles are going to churches and to listen mixture.

So he's gonna write things. The carefully following careful this and that from the truth of who Christ is, doesn't mean that there saved and fully lose your salvation.

We know that's not possible. From what I said in John six 3740 also for something else. See Jesus sitting across John 1930. It is finished to tell us.talking about the work of he did on the cross was a legal statement signifying that the legal debt paid in full. Also in Colossians 214 that you have written very clearly says that Jesus canceled a certificate of debt yielding to the cross. The certificate of that is the sin that if the sin that is canceled then can you lose your salvation because think about it.

If you cancel the sin debt.

I would like To look for the believers, not everybody ever lived. Otherwise, every would have to go to heaven because there be no sin that anybody can be held against accountable for so he believed that if the believers and those who do believe that's what I believe and so in that canceled the debt for them. If there believers that meets all of their sin that is canceled not up to the moment of their belief but at the moment of your baptism with her entire sin that is removed. If that's the case, how can they go to hell if you would say will they can reject that later on but that's a sin. How are you to be saved now by Christ if he supposedly pay for all of your sins, yet their sins.

Then I paid for because you go to hell for them. It makes no sense to step. Thank you very much were secure in Christ's work whenever anybody is worried about her salvation. It's because salvation depends in part on their ability if it it depends on Christ's ability and his work and we don't have to worry about our salvation, not a license to sin. But if you are worried about your salvation is because of the do and how we can keep our salvation.

What we do can't okay all right thank you very much and I bless all right, we have three of the lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 is good to Ed from New Jersey and welcome here.

I think critically call job. My question is on Matthew 2430 think there even if faith no one with the other fun. However old and update in that if you need to Know Mike and Julie Indian coping right of the goal of bookbinding already landed and my longing things that you claim 190% in the question what those words are the daily hour no one knows yet so he, too, that the blood no one note that I would not even trying to read that impact chapter beyond anything that will do and update in detail like you what happened and when it will be so I'm wanting like is that should be a contradiction not easily think of the tedium is a Jewish idiom and show you with context is with is referring to. No man knows the day nor the hour that the Angels son father long idiomatic expression and by the way, if you go to the see Revelation think it's 1912 and wasn't adequate. This says done.

But Jesus's eyes are a flame and on his head or diadem's and he has a name written on him which no one knows except himself so we might have been the father the son and Holy Spirit don't know. Only Jesus knows a name for himself will not see a lot of the Jews would do is write an exaggeration and they did. Actually, truly, truly, I say to no one knows the date of July. This is exaggeration hyperbole. What we would call but also there's a cultural context related to this what we understand from the ancient culture and is still largely similar amount that's much anymore because of modern times but John, what would happen is when the bride and groom were engaged, then the sun he was living with the parents at the house and the father would instruct him to build a room on to that house so that at the wedding time. He could go and get the bride in the wedding ceremony would occur to bring her back to the house at the celebration so the custom was that no one would know the day nor the hour when the father would say go for a ride. It was an idiomatic phrase of respect that was shown to the father but they had to know when the wedding was going to be because you had to have your relatives command you had at the wine there yet to have the food ready. It took a lot of repair these things, you could just do it at noon have a wedding or second go to right at noon in it and every 10 miles away over 20 miles away inside of Israel.

And we have to get on a donkey's or walk. And so it wasn't realistic to say that that they would have to wait all the time new when the wedding would occur so the father was the one with respect to that honor in the home and so the sun would say was friends know my nose justified just a father does know maybe not the exact minute as a father. My weight three minutes five minutes an hour, but he would wait very long recently not bright and that's what is talking about and he would go get everything ready and they would have the something they faced.

Okay, okay that Bob wanted a father not bright you enough idiomatic Russian is coming up to Rebecca lines 87707 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave back to show Edward from New Jersey still there so you know, I know that is now, but I know that it was then, and many people know calculus and I was actually at a conference once were having dinner afterwards and there was a completed juicing is very very very very Jewish as a Christian, love everything Jewish and I told him asked about this. This first night I answered it and he looked at me and he said he was very impressed. He said so very few people know about that. I said I I'm really impressed you know that nobody does know Gentile Christian is ever known that Epley said that he experienced the tongue.

So anyway that's what is. Thank you. Okay God bless. All right, that was it. From work from New Jersey. Lets you this week is Nathan from Greensboro, North Carolina. Nathan welcome here by Rick whether or not recommended. The Bible, but the fate already wheezing.

I would say according to what you recommend I die that night. It lifted your recommended that you recommend John MacArthur I don't get everything he says and he disputed everything I say but he's a good Bible teacher and I recommend the people stuff out.

I don't have his his study Bible. Check out I was wondering the way it laid out. Lot made their regular guy to learn more about the how it got to get it go about that. Well depends if you are a new Christian, I would stay I would say read more the Gospels and then read the book of Romans book of Romans there be a challenge and I to be Romans and Galatians.

If you want to learn more theology you need to go to the epistles and and and see you read his notes.

The thing to do was cross reference back and forth between different things that have to do so that I recommend you know what your goal is.

So what is right. I want to understand what prolonged time and raised it lately. I have finding one that actually file that the pilot difficult.

Yes, and I'd like me with the following five learning and how I a lot of radio like brute, I would think might be right. Further my knowledge will he's he's good he's reformed in his theology. That means he'll be very solid in his theology so I recommend John MacArthur recommend other teachers as well. There's different teachers will teach you different kinds of things for learning different kinds of stuff. Chuck Misner from K you can learn a great deal from him and all kinds of things that the Bible you can learn a lot of good theology from MacArthur.

I would recommend you want to know stuff, and when the libido theology and I say that I do want people who were listening to think that you have a PhD in theology to understand stuff. No, but you with the Trinity as justification, sanctification, dictation and things like this and you can go to the book of Ephesians is a great little book you can find commentator commentators is go through and read this commentaries on.

I prefer reformed commentaries, because they are less they don't read into the text as much as others tend to is my opinion they take more out of an electric says you can learn when you when you come across nothing is difficult understand then that's the time to stop and research and read articles to suit other teachers have to say and at first you'll do this frequently and then as time goes on you doing less and less frequently because you give more information also notes I have hundreds and hunt forget that I have thousands of pages of of work, research, and left it but you do outlines to help gather information when whatever's interesting.

An outline write down what you learned versus related to and it is key that you either handy on the phone or by printing it out and carry it with you or just on your computer and you over stuff to sure what the problem all right.

I was Nathan from Greensboro, North Carolina list on the phone with José from Palm Springs.

Welcome to show your on their way that quick question regarding the accident, but want to know what your take on John and 53. John 811 and the longer ending of Mark. The 51. Janelle wanted to know wonder know what would you teach those actually do about it.

Very controversial, but it is in or out of the Bible. So I just wanted to get your take on what your take on them and what you teach and preach the would not preach from the ending of Mark. And the reason I would not because of what's in that was living versus Mark 16 92 20. It's in verse 12 it says that Jesus appeared in different form.

And that's not correct did not appear in a different form.

After his resurrection, he appeared in the same body died in. That's what the Bible says and so that's a problem, but really what carries more weight in the problem area of this is that her 17 words in those living versus 17 words that are not found in the entire Gospel of Mark, and all the pages. The 17 words on appear anywhere in all of a sudden his last 11 verses 17 new words appear and I discovered this the author who said that said 17 non-marking words used in a non-marking sense the words that the style of writing seem to be different. So because of that I won't preach out of that's not to say the Bible is corrupted. This is just a textual fact of of that area of Scripture and I will pretend that some consider to be trustworthy enough as far as the other stuff to talk about we talk about is the issue of the woman who was caught in adultery. And this is the other three main textual issues.

One of Mark this one here woman caught in adultery and Jesus says that he is without sin cast the first stone and then was called the, Jahan and for John 57 the forefathers in the spirit a three bear witness 31 and so I don't believe that the guy I don't know the, Jahan and his is legitimate in this area here in Mark screen and John this it you know it's it's a wonderful story and some of the N'Djamena scripts don't have it so it looks like that your spirit looks like a Kevlar sadist is evidence that the that this prick if you Scripture was added on. In later manuscripts, but the question is why was it added on, and to which manuscripts are different manuscript trees is not to say that it's a big confusing mess and no one knows about the entire New Testament is not like that. This is just one of the three major areas in the in the New Testament that are worth discussing. So what I preach out of a John eight I probably would preach on Johnny. I don't know if I would or would not if our preaching out of it though. Mention that there's a textual variation because I'd have to go into it for five minutes and it had to explain some things I wouldn't want to inadvertently cause people to be stumbled in their faith and in the preaching setting. You have much time to do that so it's a wonderful story so that's where he met on that I will not preach out of Mark 17 that and probably have not Jefferson 57 and I this prick of the probably would, but I would research it first and get really down and dirty into it and sue potential evidences we haven't done because it really comes up, I guess so many other things at work so I know that answer the question though your I noted even like what the active in John chapter 8 verse 11 birth to that believe that there even a lot of different things between the American Standard and drain pipe for example accident out there that they were convicted by their conscience. In verse nine and verses that reside in chapter okay right back is the man's Y call 770727 charismatic sling all right, but it will show back on. Okay so I looked at that that's within the prickly of the doubtful manuscript evidence of John eight and that I did a little bit of research during a break in a textual variant so new to the King James Bible was translated with documents that I remember correctly, were discovered around that they were written originally around four, five, 680 as of the King James was written is with these men scripts that since then, we found archaeologists have found manuscripts are that predate those by two, 300 years and so the general consensus is that the older the manuscript. The more accurate the reading. That's just general and not always, but that that's like 95% of time and so the older manuscripts don't have that. So addition at the King James seems to have a lot of areas okay.

That's why your okay okay are you will determine which man you go. But generally the older look good but hardly to go with the newer one lesson you can't answer because I don't studies called historicity and I'm not a student of it. I know little bit about it I could talk in generic terms, but there are people who just study this and they study these manuscript evidences and yet to find out who they are good books on it. They go into these things.

I got a book of packed away the deals with manuscript evidence and is one of those kind of books that you have to sit and pay attention to. As you read through it and since I deal with so just answering generic questions of all kinds of never had to get into the issue of the Scripture tree evidence which I'd like to do some time so I can't answer that question. But there are books that talk about it and they they talk about the methods of comparing manuscripts. The kinds of manuscripts the possible marginal additions because it was a manuscript that was not perfect in its copying and was used for preaching and teaching or in a lesser value in a teaching environment and then later the marginal notes were added in by scribes because of of of graphic of geography limitations on pages and so we have these slight variations and sometimes these nuances are discussed.

And that's where you get in these kind of issues you have a school of thought here school of thought there about these nuances of these these particular items and so that's where it lies in the can tell you too much about that.

Other than that, except you get to skip is ringed and recent research. Okay, all the more accurate so much what I got book what work where called really quick so I can wish I remembered but I have thousand 12, maybe 2000 books and so I don't have the and all packed away 100 public email you the title click on my bookshelf at all packed away right now so I don't know but I what I would do is go on the web. Just look up the books. Do a search for books that examine New Testament textual reliability and you find stuff and then read reviews about the books.

Make sure that a good, strong, and there are websites out there archaeology? You will Christian archaeological review, I think, makes recommendations there okay thank you God bless. All right hey folks, what you may call three open lines 877-207-2276 Courtney from Ohio. Courtney welcoming on the air. When I arrived hanging in there right my day on and are and how I talked about that talking characters speak in church and I wondering can include prayer which verse you looking for is the desire answer. Sorry for this first the lot.

What is says here is a bonus if I think it's after 15 think so, but according I get a good student athletes should be first in his 11 talks about women, keeping silent. See and why is it am not able to find that.

Anyway, I know the context is soak back in the early days the church to when they first became Christians. There were a lot of cultural norms that work very important inside of church structures and synagogue structures and teaching structures and even unbelieving places.

What happened is the man the woman they didn't mingle inside of buildings too much when they would sit for lecture studies. Whatever might be which it was that frequent multi-was just men going into their learning. But when it did happen magically. The current context of the Christian community.

Women and men would come into a single building or room and they would sit on on different sides of the room with the child on the middle. This was because of the issue of sexuality in various things and propriety and stuff so what would happen is something to his room to be narrower and the women would sit in the back and amends in the front and so what happened when it's one of the commentaries I read about this really analyze this set. It looks like what was happening is that the women were shouting to their husbands. What you say those kind of thing was, what about that and associate you can keep quiet little master husband at home about these things. That's why we was talking about that because Pastor husband shall tell you the stuff to keep quiet and it was was the idea was not to cause any dissension or disrespect in the teaching context is what they have a they had tried to explain a headache way of thinking and belief that was different than ours.

In respect to propriety and for example, if a woman let her hair down in public you walk along here and out looks great. I love it, but you did that day hugged him husband could divorce his wife and scratch my horse because the hair was very sensuous and was for something that the husband would see and it was prostitutes let her hair down as a form of advertising. So now, so if you eat in the cultures changed so we talked a woman's hair actually is an think of is giving an example so in a culture. Women were to be so to speak, in their place and other to quiet and they would answer husbands because of the startup and other men. Wait a minute wait another minute for Chris and somebody else.

It was this kind of attitude that was there and women were very treasured and a lot of the cultures there don't want to have children was to cure the home that they could speak the husband.

Certain ways and they regarded so the woman started talking little man without another mail being present.

There was great suspicion that that was happening so I don't want to get around early exactly ring off just the next breath say that. So when Jesus talk to her at the well what the heck is he doing he's breaking the norms, the culture, that's what he was doing, but was okay and why was she there at that time of day, incidentally, probably because she was an outcast because women would go in groups to the wealth protection they would do to help each other because men know men can be and so they would do that to this one woman by herself. She's probably an outcast from her female companion community and Jesus talking well that well is the same one that Jacob and some other stuff and by the way I drink on that very well. I will act, requiring that very well how about that. It was good was good. It was nice to do that and now tying everything right now are Danny H did okay as far out to pray. What about his will notice it also says she's a keeper had covered. This is because you have here exposed covered was further demonstration of the cultural norm. Plus it was a symbol of authority over her head because he's under the authority of her husband doesn't mean the husband disabled sandwich. Now it was when I a child by like ample time to didn't work and I just tried so they just waited as they were guarded and protected and stuff like that and they were due sometimes two men were to but that's another thing so they had a symbol of authority with her head, and so is my yes because it came out of the ancient culture.

Both of them.

In fact, there are still cultural groups out there where, for example, were little off topic and erected other caller but where in the parable of the prodigal son when he returns the father ran to the sun in that culture that time the father did not run because it was no read the reason because he was immature and because he was being too expressive. He was pushing a man of leisure and stature, and wisdom to would have to rush to rush to your son, was a sign of weakness. But Jesus purposely in a contract in the culture. But Jesus purposely put it in that parable. Yeah, us, and that it was okay and it's all kinda cultural norms. In fact, in Luke seven, when the woman went in, I did my for my favorite stories in the entire Bible and I love preaching it just wonderful. It's work. Simon asked Jesus to come into the home and to eat with.

Will Simon insulted Jesus left and right and I go through and preach about it sometime or teach on it so that I was 75% are telling the kind of getting tearful because it's such a beautiful thing.

That is what this woman did they write, she let your hair down and was scandalous and she had a violet perfume, which was used in prostitution and she walked into a holy man's house and divided and she touched Jesus that you touch lettermen with her hair with her hair was even more scandalous and started kissing his feet and the feet were filthy because he had open sandals and you walk in the same roads that the cattle would walk on and so there was defecation so the feet were filthy, and Simon refused to have Jesus feet cleansed in this one out some Peter sang at first and so the first and so what she did was magnificent with how depraved FRA. Oh yeah, and when he spoke to the woman with the think the way the eating habit is you is a table and slow about less than a foot high and you look you knelt on your left elbow and you ate with your right hand and the feet would be away from the table as you're lying down on cushions and so the Pharisee will be on the opposite end of the table having the heads of Jesus and the Pharisee were in towards the table and her feet were away. She came back to the feet of Jesus and in the text actually says turning to the woman he said to the to the Pharisee that means to turn his back to the Pharisee.

Also, wonderful video parties are about that.

Okay I the Lord bless you all find his grave back on there tomorrow. Hopefully I will

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