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Lies, Conspiracy Theories, and Antisemitism

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 18, 2020 4:30 pm

Lies, Conspiracy Theories, and Antisemitism

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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I just finished teaching a three day course on anti-Semitism man. This is an intense subject stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown yes back live with. Wonderful to be live on the air this Thursday, June 18 Michael Brown.

Praise God for this opportunity to be together never call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 any Jewish related questions of any kind.

It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday so many many months ago we planned out that I would be teaching a three day class at the Kings University in Dallas Texas Monday Tuesday Wednesday of this week and it's intensive modular which means that our time here in Eastern standard, but will save you then Texas would be nine in the morning to 5 to 10 to 6 by time 9-to-5 three straight days with lunch break couple short breaks along the way so very intensive class on contemporary anti-Semitism because of the virus in various issues, the class was done online so that meant sitting in my home office and lecturing behind the computer than interacting by way of zoom from 10 to 6 each day. So six hours of teaching for three straight days. Great interaction with the students of very intense class but that meant I could be live on radio at the same time so we prerecorded three shows three last week we prerecorded my interview with Dr. Craig Keener about the gospel and racial reconciliation. Unfortunately, there was a glitch on our radio station so many of you heard the rearing of my interview with liberal Christian activist Shane Claiborne so my apologies to those in radio. You heard that twice but you can still get online and catch my Craig Keener interview at our YouTube channel, asking your Brown Esther drama it's worth watching. And then we recorded special shows Tuesday, Wednesday, but the beginning of each show. We said this has been prerecorded. Just a few days earlier.

So if something major is breaking in the news of something major is happening in the world around us. I will not be commenting on it which meant the disastrous Supreme Court decision of this past Monday momentous decision that some are saying for LGBT activism is just as big as Roe V Wade for abortion a shocking decision. In many ways, one that attorneys close to the case told me. No one saw this coming and it was the rule in the way the sky was as forthright, straightforward, simple, no big deal and went the opposite way. So I have written a couple of articles actually three articles that are relevant to this already there either online or about to be online but a little over one hour from now friends for 15 Eastern standard time so an hour and nine minutes from now I could be coming back on the air on Facebook and YouTube's and under radio stations but on Facebook and YouTube and doing a special presentation. Breaking down this ruling, explaining the implications of it, and ensuring what we must do and how we must think as gospel believers sold for 15 Eastern standard.

If you can join me. Please do right now. Phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH Jewish related question will be happy to take as many calls as we can, or step back, though at and say this, I did a lecture Sunday night open to the public lecture on co-Christian anti-Semitism, the rise of anti-Semitism in the church again today and then did the three day series the class for students of the Kings University of many grad level but undergrad students as well so I know the material I've written about the material I've talked about the material I'm familiar with the material but sharing it in such depth. With so many quotes in such a short period of time has a certain impact. There's something very jarring about something very shocking about something very unnerving. Something very disturbing when you grass the way and the widespread nature of the lies.

It effort.

For example, for example, when when I weeded, put a quote up completely outlandish or play video clip completely ridiculous and you think, okay, that's completely friendship, nobody listens to that and then you say okay this video as hundreds of thousands of shares or when I expose the lies we get blasted if you'll visit our YouTube channel Esther to Brad you'll see that the vast majority of our videos get overwhelming sums up its natural people like her channel lately. Go there right so let's just say my last 10 videos probably almost all of them have 95, 98% sums up, and then maybe one of the more controversial subject. 92 thumbs percent sums up 88% sums up something like that. But, but if I will expose an anti-Semitic lie if I will expose the latest anti-Semitic conspiracy theory suddenly shifts people come flocking in and and now the majority will be thumbs down.

It is a what is happened where this is coming from. How many people out there who believes this stuff. I'm crazy stuff. I hear I know some of the people putting forth the misinformation.

The conspiracy theories. The lies some of very sincere and some genuinely believe what they're saying is true doesn't mean they're not terribly deceive the system in the not terribly deceiving others and and one of the series of Adolf Hitler with the big lie was that if you put out a lie that is so preposterous and so ridiculous when there could have been so many easier, more natural explanations of obscene paraphrasing what he said, paraphrasing the philosophy that the more ridiculous it is, the more likely someone would believe acoustic you never would've made up something like this, you know, for example, let's say someone sent you over to my house to deliver a package with some valuable jewelry. It and you show up in hourly closer torrent faces cut you don't have the package happen.

Well, maybe you stole it and stays the whole thing. So what would be a likely excuse I got mugged and somebody else knew who knew what would you tell somebody somebody news I got beat up building go in my own life looking me on 02 that I couldn't see it hit in the back, an abatement that we a plausible explanation to cover up your life right.

But if you said look I will send some crazy doesn't sound completely crazy. This is like giant birds, condors, what you call came swooping down the gravid is crazy receipt of the news of serenity reported like why make that up when you had a much more likely and believable lie is ignoble. People think that will they do, the more preposterous the lie, the more ridiculous ally. The crazier the lie, the more extreme the lie sometimes the more people believe it and and here's what kind of flowed together when you see that there were just caricatures about the Jews lies about the Jews and they they become part of common thinking Jews are money hungry and greedy Jews are dirty Jews are power-hungry Jews are behind what's happening in the world pulling the strings just different things like this then I'll notice also to look at comments attacking me from Christians you've departed from the way the truth that in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ you're a wolf in sheep's clothing is likely wrote because I expose an anti-Semitic lie as I expose somebody's website for four promoting anti-Semitic logs. Now you can come after me with it with with this junk but then you keep reading and you fight here's the dirty Jew part we did.

Here's the money hungry viewport we did. Here's the here's the power-hungry Jews in the words that the libels the lies just become part of the way of thinking and the culture so here, look at it like this were fellow workers right to start working. I've been at this job for couple years and someone that you trust.

Says all you work with MICRA oh yeah, yeah, he's like right at the desk next what's that got his was in the upcoming years was good is can be super friendly.

You can be super supportive PC skin Sam here to help and the whole reason that he wants to do this is because he's can manipulate you in such a way to make you look bad in him look good so can get promoted to high process until you watch it. Now you get that in your head right and I come over next to hey Mike Brown nice to meet you hundred you need anything, you just let me know your me like he's doing it myself so I lied about me somebody give you a false picture about me but now whatever I do place into the sea.

There is and then when it plays out the opposite, that I must be covering up all you see is the same thing with, nor nonsense that every business worldwide new apostolic Reformation movement is taking over hundreds hundreds of millions of people and it has this false doctrine are false doctrine and you talk to Simmons.

He reported not to see what starts the ER you hiding it, covering obviously very clever. So how then do you dismantle this how you dismantle the conspiracy theories when I was teaching about the no hide law hysteria and showing quotes from websites that use a start going to soon be beheading millions of Christians of the guillotines being shipped in all this and and I'm trying to explain to the class how someone actually comes to believe this.

How a thinking person actually comes to believe this one night when I go through the process and the, the, the hoops that you must jump through to come to that conclusion. Even as I'm trying to explain it as best as I conflict no one in the world could ever believe this but P will to. We must expose the lies and friends part of its spiritual battle after prey that eyes will be open. The other thing is is a matter of carefully may be taken. One point conspiracy theory, one single point and and focusing on that, and dismantling that little was if if your chain connecting the links of your conspiracy theories of chain made up of these many links. If I can do one of those links. If I can expose the error in one of those links then perhaps the chain will fall apart and realize there but it's France's scary, yet Jesus is Lord.

God rules God is King one day every knee will bow and confess the issue is Lord, to the glory of God the father. I'm not scared that so scared. I'm just saying it is scary to see what people believe it scares him as Pete was being propagated scary to see what people believe about the Jews. Judaism Israel Levesque said that all that took six here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I will delighted to be with you, to kiss you mispronounced him little while ago little less than an hour from now for 15 Eastern standard after the radio show on the come back on Esther to Brown channel on YouTube or Esther Cabral page on Facebook asking your brown be doing a special presentation where will get into the Supreme Court ruling Monday. The implications of that and a gospel answer to this disastrous ruling all right now will go to the phones will start in Dallas Texas. Gracie, welcome to the line of fire hi Harry Dr. Brown doing very well thank you okay I really enjoy fellowship going with you people as much as I can know what ornate you might have wished it with more unity between the Gentile believers took care at end of route technical question to question number one… The root right in an academic at them. I wanted your thoughts on that second thing and then member of the Gateway church after Robert and conduct your your talk Sunday night and now I get got and what you're staying just got into the conversation with Evelyn in your thinking something about the heading in the United States and the laws of Nola and I want to get home. Contact – not like to talk more about it and are talking about shiny communist organ follows law that would warrant a note okay so distant insured when I was saying is it's complete nonsense. Complete fiction complete myth and possible absolutely wrong to say that genes are going to start beheading Christians around the world, complete myth, complete ridiculous nonsense and I said when I first heard about it, it's more likely that Santa Claus is going to come through your chimney on Christmas so let me start there.

The so-called seven lows of Noah go back to rabbinic tradition, so this is not directly found in the Bible. This is ancient rabbis reducing it from various biblical texts in Genesis 2 in Genesis 9 and the seriousness that God gave the tour to Moses for the people of Israel. 613 commandments and then the traditions that get added to that, and that a Jew is required to obey all those laws, but a Gentile is only required to observe seven basic laws. Laws prohibiting idolatry, blasphemy, theft, murder, adultery, the call to establish courts of justice, not eat meat from it and living animal cruelty to animals prohibited and that if Gentiles will keep the seven laws that they will be just as righteous in God's sight as a Jew, keeping the 613 commandments. This is a belief in traditional Judaism.

Seven laws of Noah and traditional Judaism also says this is all in Siri that if someone was to violate one of the seven laws of know that there would be a death penalty for violating and then the question is what about Christianity because Christianity believes in the deity of Jesus and Christianity believes that God is triune is that idolatrous and, therefore, would that be idolatrous under the seven laws of Noah and therefore we Christians somehow be beheaded for that in some theoretical state what it's all Siri, there is the Jews don't rule the world. The Jews don't have power over the world over the Jews do have national power in Israel there is a sickly freedom of religion is that even the death penalty that that's that's practice otherwise so somehow this myth started to circulate that as more and more groups endorse the seven laws of know what you know, the Vatican thinks there good different presidents of said yes. We affirm these that somehow the whole world will embrace the seven most of knowing the laws and social good. I grew the loss that that the whole world embrace these and that somehow the whole world will then come under Jewish power and now Christians will be considered idolaters and be beheaded. It's it's it's a complete fiction. It is, is nonsense and some signal that's going to happen with the antichrist matches the lesson.

After about the antichrist. Seven laws of Noah and the antichrist can proclaim himself God said violates the prohibition against idolatry. So forget about it or ignore it is nothing to it, disable or Christians consider idolatry and Judaism. Some CSO to say no.

The majority view among Jews worldwide today is that a Gentile Christian is not an idol worshiper, but a messianic Jew like me I would be considered, not a worship resource idolatry for me but not for Gentile. But in any case there's been debate over that. But it's all just legal theory.

That's all it is. So there I have a whole chapter on unknow hardware hysteria and in a book coming out in October called Christian anti-Semitism, but this conspiracy theory myth is to spread like crazy. One of the things I was saying my talk Sunday night was here. Communist China is going to agree to enforce this or America's Caselli a great start. Beheading the Christians here are the Muslim world is going to agree on these laws and give Jews power.

It's it's complete fiction nonsense. Nothing to think twice about the scary thing Gracie is that when I expose it when I went when I when I teach on these things and and expose the error I get blasted I'm told I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing are not a true follower of Jesus, the you serious, while as for Chuck Pierce saying that the root of anti-Semitism root of racism is anti-Semitism that I personally haven't heard him say that I don't believe that the root of all racism is anti-Semitism. Is this probably a if that's an actual quote from him. I'm sure he has some reasoning behind it that I'd like to hear. I just look at anti-Semitism is another form of racism that when Jews are considered other or different. There, hated, ostracized a just as other groups are so icy. Anti-Semitism is the world's longest hatred, the world's most irrational hatred of the world's most widespread hatred of the world's most vicious hatred. But I don't see it as the root of of all hatred he Gracie a thank you thank you for the call.

I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH of let's go over to John in St. Mary's Georgia. Welcome to the line of fire on Dr. Brown repertoire, but up. I appreciate your show yesterday on the racism.

I really believe that that is been with the church in America has to repent of it. We want to see second Chronicles 714, my question to follow one about the secretary and you all among messianic. My wife heard an Orthodox Jew teller will years ago that you know we should not be speaking Yahweh and talk with her and him and talk interested in your opinion and in my second question deals with John 1711 and 12 British Jewish thing.

Father: father keep them in your name that you have given me.

They may be one, just as we are involved with. I was keeping them in your name and disability report version which you have given me and and I'm wondering about the significance of that wing of the Angels gave him to come from the father that that's on time registered. So thank you very much. Yep, sure thing John so as far as saying God's name.

A traditional Jew will not even spell it, they will say G – D or L – RAD or if there saying Elohim with his goggles say Elohim. This is a prayer if it's a prayer though though say Elohim or other non-Lord, though sales of Shem. The though say some combination of Lord and in the name, but they won't say Yahweh they would say we don't know how to pronounce it, but certainly we don't pronounce it and if I was doing any type of Jewish outreach. I would be sensitive to that.

Especially if I was doing outreach to religious Jews, I would be sensitive to that. If my congregation was in an area where were reaching religious Jews in their coming tour services and meetings and things like that I would be sensitive to that because there is a very long-standing tradition that certainly goes back to the time of Jesus and before that the name was too sacred to pronounce and and therefore you would substitute something, say, Lord.

Instead, so I'm I'm per capita be sensitive. On the other hand, as as believers if we believe it's the right pronunciation of the name. There's no reason why we shouldn't use it and can't use against this sensitivity and outreach was an absolutely freely use the name and worship and teaching and speaking without any problem. As for what Jesus is saying in John 11.

I don't believe it's something secret.

There being kept in his name or the name is given has to do with who he is, has to do with his authority in the you have been in Proverbs the name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run to it and are safe. You have Isaiah that the name of the Lord is coming, was actually mean it is not actually speaking of of the name is as much as with the name conveys and and and who he is the name the Lord being a strong tower of who he is what he does and I look at that, primarily in John 17, there could be more meaning to it, but I look at the significance of who he is, who the Lord is what he does.

His disciples are kept in that. That's her strength that's our refuge of that's our our place of safety.

That's her place of growth. Hate John got a break, but thank you for the question. You missed yesterday's blog past that social media like that is consistent say I want to shout out.

If he sells out his life Isaiah that this is caused by the that respect because some great input. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown oh, that's one of the conspiracy theories out there.

I kid you not. I had read a few accounts about that over the years when I was researching for my book on Christian anti-Semitism, which comes out in October so this is a focus book just what's happening in the world today so it goes. Our hands were stained with blood, but it's a complete new book a complete separate book and a shocker with Victoria sending but I mean shocker so I did a little research and you'll be shocked by what your embouchure summit with you the moment 866-34-TRUTH. If you have a Jewish related question 866-34-TRUTH phone lines are wide open now before I share some of this with you if you just tuned in and you were listening to the broadcast on Monday. My thought, that sounds like Fuson radio, this is the same show that aired like a week before we could to before you talking Christian liberal activist Shane Claiborne, yet it was that it was error on our radio and we meant to aired the interview.

The recorded on Friday with Prof. Craig Keener about the gospel and racial reconciliation.

So I strongly encourage you to check that out. It's on our website.

Instructor or our YouTube channel master to run ASCII DR Brown okay there is actually a Wikipedia article on Israel -related conspiracy theories you. This is actually article after zoological conspiracy theories involving Israel are occasionally found in the media or on the Internet, typically in Muslim majority countries alleging use of animals by Israel to attack civilians or to conduct espionage. These conspiracies are often reported as evidence of a scientist or Israeli plot are you ready. Examples include the December 2010 shark attacks in Egypt. So somehow Israel got to the heads of the sharks has more claims of capturing Israeli spying Eagles in the 2011 capture in Saudi Arabia of a Griffin vulture carrying Israeli labeled satellite tracking device.

Now I have it in high authority that the Eagle and the vulture even under torture did not divulge any state secrets you being sarcastic or listed under the heading birds carrying Israeli tracking devices and tags are the following. So these are theories that are circulated, especially in the Muslim world, monetizing all Muslims over this, but some of the places where this great estimated Israel. These are the alleged birds that have carried Israeli tracking devices Griffin vulture be either vulture Castro Bonelli Siegel gone legal then listed under mammals that of Dennis Bors and pigs, hyenas, Israel is using hyenas a spy rats, dolphins, see the section on reptiles, meaning reptiles, the Israelis allegedly use responding so February 2018.

Hassan Freer is somebody military advisor to Romanian supreme leader Ali, knee accused Western countries, including Israel of spying on Iranian nuclear sites using lizards and chameleons, which according him attract atomic waves quote we found out that their skin attack tracks atomic waves and that they were nuclear spies were to find out where inside the Islamic Republic of Iran. We have uranium mines and where we are engaged in atomic activities.

Nellis Israel has done some very creative spy over the years. Very creative that the past prime minister in Egypt. I'd read that that Israelis ended up becoming the cleaning crew that cleaned his office and bugged the officer they would hear the actual conversations going on I don't put it past Israel this very clever things and I'm up in past American use. Very clever things and other nations that have advanced technology to do some very clever things and spying and getting information the other hand, I have a bit of a hard time believing that Israel is trained rats to know that that's not training that's the whole thing is he okay got it so Israel is going on like I will put some something a rat get somehow get that rat into the right place at the right time to get the right information and is on a rat is a dolphin or a shark or a hyena. I think people will believe anything if it's about the evil Israelis evil Jews, people will believe almost anything that's right, a chapter in the book on drinking the anti-Semitic Kool-Aid 866-34-TRUTH discovered to our old friend Ron in Ontario. Welcome back to the line of fire. Dr. Brown gravy on your show. Good to hear your voice that Kelly Dr. Brown of Eagle landed. Now I want to run out and let things out. I can't wait for your new book coming. Thanks. I assume since of course I remember you from your wonderful testimony to 97-year-old mom come with race to the real kosher Jesus after many many months of editing and checking sources and making things proper for Israel and it's very very complex with a book like that, but it's assumed to be printed. The translation editing process done and soon to be printed and released in Israel so glad to announce that publicly. Esso's already wrong. Go ahead and wait for your new book, yes, yes, felt fantastic and as you know I love some of your other books, including the one you talked about without significant my life. My mom anti-Semitism. The theme on my spiritual journey. Dr. Brown going on L 17, 18 years. I do go to church and what I've noticed over the years and am not talking about I don't know but every church in North America but I'm going to make a statement that I'd like you to basically to comment on it to me in my studies and what I've heard all these years, from the pulpit is that the church not every church, but in general I have mitigated undervalued understated the significance of the Jewish those of you sure Jesus so far so badly and I can't help thinking that there must be a direct correlation between anti-Semitism and all the things that you've espoused today and all the things that have been espoused over the centuries origin and martyr and that all the varsity and all these guys. Could you comment on why I stand that the valuation of Jesus. Since Obama assisted two sides to I think for some dues, anti-Semitism, there there is an anti-Jewishness Jew G Jewish is the substance of the negative bad anti-Christian antichrist unspiritual whatever and because of that there there will there will not be appreciation of the Jewish roots of the faith, because that was somehow like pulling us back word, not appreciating the newness of Christianity or whatever it is I think in many other cases. Ron, it's simply a matter of limited knowledge or of levels of ignorance of, for example, in our day today were Jew and Gentile worship together in congregations and many Gentiles are part of messianic obligations and many Jews are part of churches were united in Yeshua that in the first century, especially in the first decades. It was it was complete shock. It was Jew and Gentile together. What this be and if you think of it.

Give a man like Peter who spends over three years side-by-side with Yeshua who is with him for weeks after his resurrection was and dynamically filled with the rock filled with the spirit asked to 3000 Jews believe at that moment. The next chapter asked three miracles of healing taking place in man born lame instantly healed. The fifth chapter Peter shadow is healing the sick, the nice chapter he raises the dead, but to going to the home of a Gentile and to share the good news he required he has to go into a trance. Someone else has to be visited by angels and sent to get him. That's how big his blind spot was so we all have blind spots in different ways and we all kind of created Jesus, whose like us. So the Jesus of the American church you know is a go-getter and you can do anything in your dreams can be fulfilled in in most churches, most white churches in America people carpet from wife and I remember when I was in college visiting a large African-American church in Brooklyn and I came in there was a mural on the wall and Jesus and his disciples are all black like the black or white. Nothing like they white or they between black-and-white so it we all unconsciously projects things and were just reading our normal translations, Jesus Christ the son of Mary and and was disciples like James and John. It doesn't sound or feel Jewish and then the deeper things the the Jewish rootedness that connects us back to the Hebrew Bible is often missed the fulfillment of the biblical calendar is often missed the of the aspects of Jewish background to some of the teaching so here and there.

Ron, there may be a wrong attitude behind it or there may be a a something anti-Semitic that's underlined. But remember a lot of these churches that don't fully recognize the Jewish roots of our faith or the Jewishness of Yeshua. Many of them are pro-Israel. Many of them are anything but anti-Semitic in their stands and they stand with the Jewish people in America so I think the majority of it is based on blind spot or ignorance in recognizing we all have blind spots in different ways. Now if you look Ron it European artwork where there often was a lot of anti-Semitism in the culture. You'll see a beautiful, handsome, white European blue I Jesus and then the rabbis will be these ugly as it is minimus demonic kind of creatures there you can clearly see the anti-Semitism the Jew is evil in Jesus as owner Jewish ESA, Caucasian, blue-eyed, maybe even blonde haired European that the offices get online… A large scar SCA are on and he is been impacted by some of the same… You were his eyes and then he began to discover anti-Semitism and how that influence the church.

The Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown all listed half hour from now for 15 Eastern standard Time becoming back on Facebook, YouTube, for very important teaching message exhortation will look at the Supreme Court decision from Monday and secondly long broadcast but can be very very important. So text friend purge them to tune in for 15 Eastern standard Time on the S. Dr. Brown YouTube or Facebook channel.

Just look at Facebook. Cory was wondering what's the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism of often there is no difference, often antiscience, it anti-Zionism is targeted anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism with a specific outlet, a concrete outlet that can be focused on, but we fully recognize that Israel is a nation can be criticized like every other nation that the Jewish people as a people can be criticized like every other people. We recognize that that's not the issue, but when you demonize the state of Israel.

When you delegitimize the state of Israel. When you falsely caricature the state of Israel, especially in general collectivized terms than that's just another form of anti-Semitism. All right, let us go back to the phones and will start with Michael in Fairfield, Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown are you doing today doing well thank you, a certain critical question I want to know about the believers of the Jewish oriented question I wanted to know about the validity of the procedure heard, you know whether bit of a certain service in whatever of her certain character funeral quote from it and think like bad organelles that you know, more reliable, ugly in our manuscript than you know some of the New Testament document W paragraph that always came off little weird to me and you know I just wanted to know what to do with that. So it's it's it's close enough related in sheets is written in Syriac, which is a branch of Aramaic, so that's a Semitic language so that that fits with early Jewish Thursday okay overwhelming scholarly consensus is that the proceeds which is of the whole Bible of the Hebrew Bible and the Greek New Testament is a translation from the Hebrew in the Greek into Syriac. Okay, that is the overwhelming scholarly consensus. So when you doing with the Greek New Testament Greek first and in Syriac is a translation of that. Just like when you're dealing with the Hebrew Old Testament Hebrew first in the Greek the Septuagint is a translation of that so that is the overwhelming scholarly consensus. Now some feel the procedure still hasn't tremendous value because the Aramaic of the procedure, the Syriac of the procedure would would not be that distant from the Aramaic that Jesus and the apostles would've spoken as as it is a first language spoken Hebrew small but likely Aramaic is the first language. So in other words, maybe even though it's going from say Jesus taught Aramaic notes translated into Greek.

That's transitive from Greek into Syriac branch of Aramaic, so maybe it's coming closer again right.

It's like if I taught in English and and and then and then my you had my documents written in Spanish.

That's other preserved an estimate translates Spanish and English.

Maybe that'll give us some insights on how I said things so that's why it's about its value as an early witness early translation within the first few centuries of this era and it is is important because it's in the language. This not that far from that, the type of Aramaic. The Jesus in us and his apostles would've spoken that's the overwhelming scholarly consensus. There are those who argue for Aramaic primacy, and in other words, that they say that actually the Syriac preserves a lot of the original text, and that the Syriac preserves what came first, which is then followed by the Greek, which is what we have New Testament. That's a tiny minority view it's been popularized in Brian Simmons paraphrase called the passion where he will often rely on the Aramaic text of that's one reason that many scholars are precritical of that. It's a paraphrase number one number two because the reliance on that you do have people like Andrew Roth and others who are who are Syriac or Aramaic scholars and and they will argue for for Aramaic primacy are you have George lambs a who grew up speaking a modern dialect of Aramaic and in the Middle East and then did the lambs a translation of the procedure, so there is value there is insight but in a secondary way, not the primary. I reject the primacy arguments Anderson fastening arguments behind it was that scholars who have their good reasons for arguing for the overwhelming consensus is we got preserved for us is the Greek New Testament that's primary everything else. This is a translation of that okay your third wondering for very quick appropriate time from from the computer to her to not even a video on you know when the Lord will come across you know, my God, my God, why have you know what you dislike me while someone available in the procedure that you know it. It would've been more accurately translated my God, my God. For this purpose I have come with change in the contract not accurately reprinted yet hundred percent wrong hundred percent wrong number one cost runs tell us we said they translated it needs tell us what he said okay, that's one thing. The other thing is, this is exactly how the target of the Aramaic translation paraphrase of the Hebrew Bible that you send it in the synagogues in ancient times it translates it with some autonomy, so also Tommy and Hebrew IV forsaken me in the early llama is of Tommy in the in the in the target Aramaic becomes semi-Tommy just like you have of the New Testament so forget that deafly wrong on all counts hate.

Thank you, thank you for the calls and the questions of right. Let's go to Robert in Mountain home Texas walking to the line of fire initially looked at work.

It got harder. Mala will judge myself up for the bill and family all that turtle also came across some 18 is abhorred all matter Jewish if you think of it that works most in this case the psalmist. He was posted a report but so as result I noticed in Scripture that big state pomegranate style shows no problem that Shaw start the bill but that was the food that I preach. But what was the food that the psalmist order what all the food from court. In verse 13 where Germany and China yeah it's it's it's a generalization in in and out.

In other words it's it's not it's not specifically singly on the food which you trying to look at and figure what was that food and it's more saying as they got to the point of death they have. They are poured all food they just their souls is like some really sick this one. Each that's that's all it's taking it. Speaking of, and whatever is provided for them. They despise, but I know everything it says they approached the gates of death is a look at the verse so II wouldn't go in that direction. It's it's it's an interesting thought, but not a wouldn't go in that direction. I friends listen.

As always, as we don't get too many of the calls because of the constraints of time. I remind you that if you try to call in tomorrow if you're able, and really get through and I spot one of your your questions here because I'm looking at the board are all questions I love to answer just no time to do it. Of by all means if I spot you will will bump you up on the list because otherwise we just take calls first come first serve to remind you that 50 minutes from now will be back on talk about the Supreme Court decision applications for today and what we should do, how we should respond is very big news because I was doing a lecture.

All this we could for the Kings University online 1010 to 6 daily Monday Tuesday Wednesday approved record of the shows last week which will restore the show say Hades recorded Jesus couple days ago to some big happening in the world without talking about it, live let let me just say this right but we still have a minute or two when he say this when we focus here on the through the Jewish Thursday on anti-Semitism. We talk about the evils of it in history. This is something it's important to me as a Jew and because of Christian anti-Semitism, many Jews have been driven away from Jesus. Therefore, this should be important to all lovers of Jesus and then ultimately the attack on Israel is an attack on the purposes of God is not the only issue in the society in the world.

I don't find that it is but is something that we need to focus on because there is a recognition of the sin of racism in American history were deeply many times we recognized it and issues that had be dealt with. To this day, and to the extent people awaken to righteousness, not to some mob mentality but awakened to righteousness, praise God. Good great wonderful. Let it be D but let us not forget the very real evil of anti-Semitism. Let us not with outrage of racism in general. Forget this hatred, which as I said is the world's longest hatred is the world's most widespread hatred is the world's most irrational hatred is the world's most vicious hatred. This I forget that led us as lovers of light and truth expose this and stand with Jewish people worldwide with the believing issue or not. Say we stand against you hatred because I friends talk again 15 minutes aspect value to

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