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America on Fire

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June 2, 2020 3:14 pm

America on Fire

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 2, 2020 3:14 pm

America on Fire

On May 25, 2020, a man named George Floyd was Murdered and the fallout has been catastrophic it has led to Violence, Riots, Anti Cop Movements.  Today we talk about how we can handle all of this as Christians.  We also cover Money Monday with David Fischer.


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Everyone ties with his mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life, your home more and even in politics. Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of three Nozick redoubt job Now here's your host and you see what happens.

I lost the connection here all non-everybody alive. You know I'm connected so hopefully will stay connected here and really, I'm not sure and I'm deftly going to tired so anyway it's good to be back. I was out of town left early Friday morning got back a little while ago was out in Tennessee visiting my mother in one sister and her husband lived there mother sisters spend some time there so that was nice. But obviously when I left early Thursday morning. Things just continued to spiral downhill Thursday or Friday nights and then Saturday. Saturday night, Sunday. Sunday night, and then of course it's just keeps going Monday and Monday night I was for some of you on Facebook if you are friend on Facebook or follow the Facebook page. The Steve Noble show Facebook page, which I hope you go there like it and that's an easy way by the way, to jump in here with us on Facebook live, you might've noticed something strange this morning on my personal page which is the first page. I had most of us have a personal page, but you might notice this morning on my journal page I wrote a really lengthy really lengthy post that I put up at about 430 in the morning and some woke me up and I just have been getting a lot of sleep the last few nights and probably many of you are in the same boat as we been watching this descend into chaos and madness. There so many like the COBIT situation there so many different angles to what's going on here in America. With this and so today I normally we would yesterday vase on the air.

Normally would've done a full money Monday the first Monday of the month so not doing that push that off till next week we are going to talk to David Fisher and the four segments today than tomorrow me to do a call and show because I won't have that conversation with you and open up the lines and I might I might do a African-Americans only call in show I do that occasionally tomorrow. Not sure yet him to be praying about that and see what the Holy Spirit leads me to do than Friday and trying to do the show with the Bishop wooden and his son-in-law Pastor John Menchu Quill because their trusted friends and and obviously we are all a little different in terms of our pigmentation so want to have that conversation and will continue to have these conversations. For those of you that have been a part of the show for a while, you know, I've never been afraid to go down the road of talking about racial issues and that's why every everyone saw when these white cop black man shootings occur that sometimes we do about black callers only and I because everything we get most of the time is filtered through the media. Whether it's the right media, which is a whole lot but basically Fox and then talk radio and some websites in the left media. The mainstream media. Everything gets filtered through their so you generally don't get any kind of raw information is journalism debt right so we done that. Time and time again in and as we watch this again. There's so many different angles here. I'm always going up.

Be willing to tell you pretty much exactly what I'm thinking and sometimes's Rob Ross is boom bond. Sometimes you don't like it, and sometimes it's more often than not I upset people on the left, because I'm very conservative theologically and politically. But sometimes I upset people on the right to do and I'm not afraid to criticize the president or towards tell you when he's disappointed me and that's a bit of a roller coaster ride and so I'm just gonna be working through a bunch of things here today and sharing things with you, but you'll notice that I did write that does not 430 this morning to share that in the third segment and I keep kept coming back to it.

You know it's one of those things that I think we ought to be very careful right now on social media. I mean here a video there in a big vision how things can can you can pivot with these things and so to find out what they're doing and how they're caring for these young men Alan Hahn and Bruce macro back in the studio from iron Academy iron gentleman how are you. Welcome to the strangest of days after well, thank you for having affixed totally bizarre dream and I'm sure you didn't start the school year.

Last fall, thinking you'd be online but yet here you are, know this is not what anybody prepped for it. No, not at all me.

Nobody prepped for this, but this is what were doing. So how did you guys react to me.

The word comes down to Doug that the governor's office was in wake County. How did you guys can get put into this scenario were you have to actually shut the doors and iron Academy very good question. So we have the option early on not to wake County shutdown to be a week or two before we did a we kept going, but start to look more obvious like we should always want do the opponent thing I know we don't use that word very often, but the wise thing to do. You don't want be wrong about the situation. So we decided that we would do the same thing.

We went to school your Monday maybe two weeks after wake County shutdown and we said all right. Our students are to have one day off will consider the makeup day for them to need them to make it work to a little a day of staff training to finish on some of the software we already had and we started school back the next day remotely and so we missed one school day and we haven't missed a beat since yet. So how do you verse one that came up because you're one of the head of professors there and iron Academy of what was your first thought Allison while working to shut the doors will when it had been two weeks that we be looking at the rest of the school system shutting down your ideas that that some point you are going to probably have to do that so I would say that we all were talking about in the hallways and me together with in small groups as teachers and okay how we handle this when it comes and so when it when we finally made the decision when when Al decided were going have to do this.

This will to do. I don't think anybody really was shocked we had been looking around in the back my mind I was thinking well okay how would I handle school if I couldn't come back to school you. How would we do the Internet and I was thinking, well, my materials will allow me to do what I need to get done.

The students already know the program all the way through to the end of the year of or have that completely laid out so if I'm out a day or if they miss Internet service or whatever they know what the makeup so that they got ready the next day so there should be no reason for them not to be able to do this toil and what they did actually dejection close the doors and then you guys were online.

The next day.


So what what became the priorities like how you do this. This is opposite different scenario, but you got a lot of young men in iron Academy that were homeschooled before so wasn't totally foreign them but not all of them.

So, what changes about what you do it, iron Academy, let's back up a little bit just explain to people that may not be familiar that what I Academy thought about what that will put some of this in perspective, we are an all-male school we are focused. If we had only one thing to be try to be really great at it would be the Biblical manhood development we do with the families of the local church. After that, his leadership development, and obviously we have an old radio. I've no idea when I lost my connection and I working some things here in the studio, which in some stuff new computers but by the way, if you want to pray for us pray as we are looking for new studio home will hear over the next 60 to 90 days and that will allow me to make the studio and do something that's like my studio as opposed to borrowing the studio that we have out here at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary which were very grateful for over the last three years three and half years, but but looking for our own studio. That's not easy. It's not cheap it's very difficult to get.

You can't just pick up tomorrow and go somewhere and I could go home tomorrow and do the show from there tomorrow, but on Facebook live in much I want to engage you on Facebook left from my sunroom, though. Pray for that. So that's why we had some technical difficulty. So back to the thing about the police again all over the map today.

Okay, I think we all are. I'm just I just willing to do that stuff on the air and do it live and have this conversation just a processor. I'm a verbal processor so I work through this stop and ask you the same thing this time and ask you to do me the same favor that a couple of my brothers out here that a been at the seminary.

Once not here anymore to friends of mine after have to be African-American's work on the diversity initiative some kingdom things out here at the seminary in one still here. One is in and in years ago when we started doing some radio shows together. I said this phenomena, to be very ominous exactly what I'm thinking in a walk through these things with you to tell you what I think but but and I want you to tell me what you think too. But here's the deal, since all three of us two black eyes on one white guy since all three of us are believers in Jesus Christ. I'm gonna bank I'm an account on the grace that he's placed in you to go with me here because this like all three of us are learning how to dance and we all have left feet to be stepping all over each other's toes. But working to make progress because organist stay in the conversation. As difficult as it is organist stay in the conversation because we love each other but we love the Lord more and so let let's not be so cowardly, whether black or white or whatever as to not stay in the conversation, but on the social media stuff man, slow to speak, slow to anger, quick to listen, and I am the chief offender of that day hothead redhead radio person outspoken and bold blah blah blah. None of it's an excuse or when I'm unloving or condescending or go off half cocked. None of it. A. I'm just throwing some stuff against the wall for us to work through and something I wrote about 430 this morning to share with you and the third segment and will talk to David Fisher and change subjects in because the economy is doing crazy things and that affects people to in all of this matters what I was asking a question. This is a test for all of us know it nationwide. What percentage of police would you say are bad, overbearing, racist, not necessarily the same thing. There racist overbearing not fit for duty not fit for the office anger issues, lack of self-control is there that I've talked to some people in law enforcement in it's getting harder and harder for them to find quality people because we know we seen it kind of a degradation of respect for police. Plus it's a nightmare job you look you want to you want to sacrifice your family on the altar of your job. Go be a cop because their divorce rates are about 75%. It's a nightmare.

Total nightmare and then you know now you had a camera on your buddies watching you, everybody's a producer and a filmmaker now and all that pressure in the COBIT 19 stop pressure pressure pressure. Now I could be an abandonment theology guy. This all makes sense. Eight. Birth pains God just say into America. You guys have it your way, do it your way.

You don't want my help your you guys are going secular fine. I go back to the founding fathers, and they talked about self-government only works for a religious and moral people and that's evaporating. So of course self-government won't work if were walking away from religion and morality, i.e. Judeo-Christian biblical Christianity. That's the history of America as imperfect as it is you walk away from that what you get self-governance evaporates to get chaos and to get anti-pop you get white fascist groups and get angry black men and angry white men. That's what you get and it will wholesale slaughter.

Call it legal. Call it a choice.

60 million children since 1973 chattel slavery, Jim Crow, civil rights go on down the road. Sexual revolution.

What do you expect really and so there's no get to this in the third segment when I read this you know I want heaven on earth. And I want it now and I can come at this and say you know what the answer is not a skin problem. It's a sin problem. It's the gospel.

And that is ultimately true that the root of it all, but we live in a functional world as well.

In the material world, not just the spiritual world. Let's go back to his policing just for second I'm just working through these numbers. That's because I'm trying to be open-minded.

Let that freeze trigger you, but I think one person on Facebook live thinks that only 2% of cops are bad nationwide. Okay I'll play that number 2% ready for this.

Do you know how many sworn in police officers are Arnett states of America.

Today you have any clue give you the answer 750,000 750,001% would be 7500 K1 percent 7502%. I'll go with that one person on on Facebook like 2%. Cops are bad. 750,000 nationwide.

That means there's 15,000 bad police that all of us. Let's just say all of us would say scumbag Max mixed up a mess out of control racist.

Whatever they should have a job 15,000 police nationwide fit that and that's only 2% a numbers guy because numbers and facts don't care about my feelings. I don't care about your 15,000 because her 750,000 sworn in police officers and cross all 50 states in America. So if 2% of them are best. That's 15,000 cops divided by 50 states.

That means there's 300 cops nightmares waiting to happen. But then you gotta do it by density right so there's more New York is more in Atlanta is more in Chicago this morning. Ellie got a good density where's the populations and then you gotta concentrate that probably not a big issue in North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma whatever Oklahoma City is pretty bad and that's per million siliceous to that's a spread it out evenly.

300 and nightmare racist over the top bad cops in America just 2%. I would be thrilled with that 90% of our police force are solid people that we can trust anybody can trust, regardless of your skin color be awesome so that out of the only reason I bring that up as if you think it's zero, your heads in the sand.

If you think it's 50% your way to skeptical a few years ago I did at black callers only show in it.

I don't member which death it was my lease on on Facebook like yes there are good cops all over the place all the place. I'd like you gotta be careful, this is just like all Muslims not just me all crazy know about 20% of the mark. 20% of them are fundamentalist Muslims around the world, but out of 1.3 billion 260 million people.

That's an issue is every homosexual radical, no. Zero like I racist know is every black I hate white people know you careful. But if we only had 2% of the police in America were really really bad and should have a job.

As of yesterday, but that still 15,000. I seriously read legacies. Although this is just working all very rash okays all the goes out there who's doing the stop I've been looking at this for a few days and made a list of the protesters, most of whom at this point are during the day or calm seem to be under control and I appreciate their protesting and I agree with either protesting specifically about Judge George, Floyd, but then you look at all the other things racism the history of racism in this nation. All of that stuff you can't you can't baptize it away. It doesn't go away after own it, but then I'm not so far down the road that I say the entire country was that was designed and and and scheduled to, let's figure out to build a nation and build our wealth while subjugating black people in perpetuity because I can take it all out of founding fathers writings were they really struggle, many of them really struggle with it and they always people say in a him all about the Judeo-Christian ethic. But I'm okay with slavery. What are you kidding me and Jeff. When Jefferson wrote the first draft of the current of the of the Declaration of Independence. He had a couple of short paragraphs in their dealing with slavery. They got rid of it. They struck it out why I was just talk about this on the break and Facebook live. So if you want to hear me pontificate and share.

Moreover, the brakes, gotta do that on Facebook like the Steve Nobles on Facebook. Life why because they can't how we can get nine of the 13 colonies to ratify this new constitution.

If we get rid of slavery out the same time something of that that's not happened. I was a pragmatic move and heartbreaking and disappointing and then they said will plan for 20 years, but then it didn't really get solved chattel slavery anyway. Until the 1860s and the Civil War were we killed 750,000 of us North versus the South were more than aggression that the words free the slaves. Whatever you want to call it. No other country on the planet to speak in general terms sacrifice 750,000 of its own people. Most of them being white in order to deal with the slavery issue that mattered is that a race that no but doesn't matter. Yeah, I think it does matter and again that's just one more thing I put on the table say okay we all need to come to work through this stuff's not 100%. This are hundred percent that life is rarely that simple.

Who goes to heaven.

Gotta have Jesus gone up some black and white on that one lot of things much more nuanced because the world so messed so there's some good protesters out there.

There's some bad protesters out there. This anti-fall over the place. At this point because they're just crazy revolutionary anarchists who want to burn it all down.

Talk about evil and destructive and broken just the tannic to the core and any file just jumps on their all that an almost exclusively white, then you've got looters and vandalize his empty files. Mostly they vandalize as a break and stop but there are some African-Americans in their breaking windows and then the loading from all the watch video ad nausea for the last five days. You got looters and a lot of them are just regular African-Americans just you know hate. But then there is a mall like in Phoenix or somewhere in Arizona the other day and some of his some bozos some white guy that's real big on Instagram, and YouTube, I can't member's name is idiot got help him. He's in the mall filming at all and there's a bunch of suburban white kids in their jump at it and that literally breaking windows, and looting in a mall in the middle of the night and then there's all those people always people out there just videoing the whole thing like the one store owner, a guide of trying to protect the store with a machete and thence's 12 1314 people nearly killed him.

He looked dead.

I watch that too many times, beaten with a skateboard something at the empty file got but you have some people of color out there and whites that are looting we do it that you parse through that. He says it's all black suit know it isn't. It's all whites know it isn't because like a Puritan writer once said the seed of every sin exists in every human heart. Many other pleas, most of whom I think are good, some are bad and if it's only 2%.

Holy cow, a 15,000 around the country 15,000 police that should not have a job right now that matter is that an issue you bedded that we deal with that. By the way, look at Minneapolis back that guy shop. It's whatever's messed up name is at 18 internal affair. Complaints about him are always all four of them were like, more formal, but 18 in like 10 years who keeps the job anywhere with 18 formal complaints and there is another cop that stood there yet. Five. The other two Seven but who's in charge there from Eagle political what is everybody in charge in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

All Democrats then he got the police union that's what's there, deal protecting their own know what I see all over the place human depravity, human depravity, brokenness, sin, evil broken broken broken broke it jump in the Rose Garden yesterday. It was an 800 word statement 54 of them were directly about George Floyd and the racial issue 54 at 800. I thought that was light goes across the street to this to St. John's Episcopal Church, which was started in 1816.

By the way, I wouldn't call it a church anymore. Got a lesbian female priest Episcopal Church largely is completely off the reservation, but he goes over there. You know the show of strength, I'm willing to walk to the street, working to gain control some of that's legitimate. Some of this bravado holds up the Bible that can stop and not some photo op in a lot of people are going to my here oh my. Let's all quit idolizing one another. Quit idolizing people were going to disappoint each other always guys fallible. Okay, so that bugged me personally my car. How do we really need a photo op right now is 54 words out of 800 holding it okay 54 words at 800 in the middle of this nightmare about George Floyd in the in the racial issue and the legitimacy of the protests to me is not enough even 10% son understand all the other stuff we have to have law and order this, the nation of law and order. We can't give into chaos.

That's why it's so funny to see Cuomo all of a sudden get on de Blasio St. sounding like trunk by the way, any of the de Blasio's not to handling it. So if I need to override him. I will miked it didn't hear somebody else within the last 24 hours straight suppressing social what I wrote. This is a set of a broken heart. Yes, Martin Luther King Jr. said, a riot is the language of the unheard lot of people posting that. But he also said violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. I'm not unmindful of the fact that violence often brings about momentary results. Nations are frequently won their independence in battle. But in spite of temporary victories. Violence never brings permanent peace, nonviolence is not sterile passivity but a powerful moral force which makes for social transformation. If you succumb to the temptation of using violence in your struggle.

Unborn generations will be the recipients of a long and desolate night of bitterness in your chief legacy of the future will be an endless reign of meaningless chaos so prophetic, the more there are riots. The more repressive action will take place in the more we face the danger of a right-wing takeover and eventually bashes society using right wing in terms of fascism.

Okay, not Republicans if he was what nonviolence is the answer of the crucial political and moral questions of our time.

The need for man to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to oppression and violence. Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundations of such a method is love. Okay now are getting a Christian on this is this is when I started writing so the ultimate basis for any progress is love. Love of God love of neighbor self, truth, justice, peace, Charity compassion, temperance, liberty and freedom first Corinthian's 13 seven. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things into resulting see how that might help right now until man is been made right with his creator. He will struggle to be made right with his fellow man.

This is the essence of the gospel and the teachings of Jesus, by the way, I call myself a passive racist until I became born again that eventually God corrected me and helped me. The church is a place in this conflict.

In its place is to be the moral conscience of the nation.

Our allegiance is not to the flag or the nation or the pledge or the president or political party, but to the author and perfecter of our faith.

We should honor and respect what we can when it comes to America but never to the exclusion for the reduction of God's truth.

That's our prophetic edge. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

Ephesians 612. You think you're seeing what you see on the video, Facebook and Instagram on everybody's smart phone that's the physical manifestation of spiritual truth, darkness, lostness if we are to pray as much or as more as we complain, rant and rave. I believe we would see miracles begin to happen, we would offer the gospel as much or more as we offer our opinions. I believe we would see deep and lasting life change begin to happen. We were to stand up for true justice, peace and reconciliation.

I believe we would see our institutions begin to follow the same pattern. Some of this is simple. All the parts he nearly impossible but with God all things are possible. We are committed to do your part. Finally, we must learn to live with the fact that we cannot create heaven on earth. Injustice and violence and abuse and hatred will continue and most likely worsen until the King of Kings returns to set all things right forever. In the meantime, every believer must pursue the kingdom. I kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as in heaven for a console. Listen reason care sacrifice serve more and we rejoice confessed repent for give him up finish with this. Galatians 220 I have been crucified with Christ is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. The life I know of in the flesh and faith in God. There's your whole back oh and obviously very difficult times and will continue to talk through it and bear with me. I'm just willing to process through things okay and verbally process and share things on the air a lot of stuff out there and when were speaking the truth generally all know I'm up and being truthful just Holy Spirit convict me one way the other in making sure I can baptize my position with the word of God, but then I'll know when I'm going down the right road because I'll get it from both sides, like when I say something I go negative on Trump. Believe me, I get it I get it sometimes more vitriolic than I get from the left and when posts are public.

I mean, I've got stuff from the left when I was down at the reopen and see rallies and stuff. I'm like oh my, this is so satanic you know what it is you're either a child of God or child the devil Jesus made that clear you're there in his city or you're in the devil sitting. The devil has is the prince of their right down here you got limited power, not omniscient, is not God but you have to be real, is typically biblical realist, but you but we better all be walking around broken hearts, slow to speak, slow to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger, quick to listen. Let's our buddy David Fisher from landmark capital David so good to talk to you again. Thank you for allowing me to move some things around as this terrible situation in our nation, and I know were all grieving over this and I really typically appreciate this a passage of Scripture used today.

I think it's so important for us as Christians to remember this but it's good to hear from you. How are doing good. All this we like you disturbed what going on in our country on every level you to pray for really comes down to school Mark 325 helpers of the house of items will push we can speak of a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand so you know in a marriage limits divided are some people might say unequally yoked the challenge of staying together and might possibly end and then divorce the church when there's a big disagreement and a separation of it. They call a church split society we have the division happening in society, a wealth Division, a belief system of the visit of division called racism all and that trickles down into the police force. Obviously we have a government the divided House and Senate Democrats and Republicans.

It shows up in symptoms of of not having a balanced budget and spending like crazy but were the spirit of the Lord is there is unity and God wants to heal our land and seal.

Romans says let us make every effort to do what leads to peace and mutual edification. I believe if we grab the horns of the altar, as they say in repent from her evil ways and turn and ask God to heal our land on God is able to heal our land minutes and it's will we allow him to heal us all about the issue of the heart will we do our part and that reminded me of Psalm 133 verse one behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity that's I right now, in a nation that so deeply divided and worse now than we've seen in with everything going on. Worse than I've ever seen anything in my lifetime. Then we need arm that is the body of Christ, especially when we have differences on these issues. Whether it's politics, whether it's what's going on with the protests, looting and and the police whatever that that it's so beneficial to us, but such a powerful witness to the world when the world needs Christ more every single day. And Jesus said don't know your mind. By the way you love one another. So when were engaging each other. David on these issues, be it financial agreement talk about now, or political or racial.

Whatever it isn't and you know were dealing with. I know you're a believer and you know I'm a believer.

We need to strike just like Romans 12 if it's possible. Stars depend on you, live at peace with everyone, but especially that we have to do that in the family of faith. And it's so important right now we have such an opportunity to show that the world and because the only answer for all this ultimately is Jesus. As we all know but anyway, thank you for bringing that passage so important so you mentioned a wealth gap, a market gap is social unrest so so here we are kid with the schizophrenic relationship between the market and actual economic factors and now we have the civil unrest so help us to kinda put all the stuff together and understand if they have anything to do with each other and how so hard all the financial side of things is the same issue is the social side of things, which is the same issue of what's going on with the death of George Flory and how that came about. It's a heart issue that turns up in a belief that gets played out over and over, and pretty soon there's this big gap. You can call it belief the blank in there and we can say it happens in churches that happens in race it happens in color and creed. It happens in societies countries against countries belief against trend against Americans and convinced trainees. It happened Democrats to republish. It happens financially in there's a huge wealth gap going on in this part of why the underlying feeling that's knocking really talk about that is also a part of what these rights are about. There is a huge wealth gap that it says most of us are conservatism over another near wealth gap immediately you ball up and go okay here we go, the poor have a problem with the rich not to send to be rich at. That's I keep cautioning everybody. Hey listen, we do have a wealth gap why we have a wealth gap. There's all kinds of garbage in thereto, and those answers but you look at this. Look at our country right now. David and Iran talk about the market in general, Rome is burning in one way or another, and the market goes up 267 point what is that all the wealth gap burned and it is no longer a superpower. Why because it was an issue of the heart that was played out in the government that led society a certain direction and there was your real and that's what's happening your modern-day Roman essence is just being played out in the small segment and what triggered it again is racism and death rate fell ill.

I talked about him before he was a the largest hedge fund manager in the world and into a bit. I did some studying, look, this all triggering and firing off my spirit like I'm remembering what I read two years ago raked out little what was happening today in fact I got his big book called the big debt crisis, but this he talked about it but here's what he said two years ago. There will be a downturn likely in the next couple years. By my reckoning, investors, companies, politicians and policymakers will all be blindsided or worse. That's what happened. Coronavirus was on the Savior, significant other problems that will happen in two or three theaters because the combined effects of debt pension healthcare burden the wealth and opportunity gap.

The Creech popularity and populism, which was less affected by central bank policies making it more difficult to change reverse to the downturn was on and said workers are coming to the Great Depression of great magnitude. There will be social unrest, and this is not going to pan out and fix itself quickly. In fact it's going to go on for almost a decade and he's the one that said, only hit even talk about this part because this is not the focus, but he talked about two years ago getting gold in your portfolio and goal was for under $1300 an hour at 1736 so you still advocating gold you still advocating these unfortunate things in the budget office came out today and said the economy will not return to normal until 2030.

Our own government is saying this is not a quick fix. This is a big problem. In fact, Ray said that they should set up some sort of a national emergency community that this and declare this is what this two years ago. This is a national emergency and is going to turn into a big problem going on further to say were in the 1935 to 1940 and two years ago you said 1937 in short supply, 1939 row also.

But that's already created a lot of money from the system.

It didn't fix it were still in the ramifications of her depression back then and then he went on to say Is fix this is going to turn into turbulence and we could possibly see this turning into a global war because of the course aside and look what we have coming in January talked about Steve about the court.

The president imprint on the trainees present. She butting heads and this could escalate into some sort of noxious or trade war, but maybe something more suited I don't want that. But this is all about the power struggle and feeling a lack of not having some jealousy. It's an issue of the heart and the important thing is it's the only way to go is if we humble ourselves and say I'm content with what you have for me.

So for all of us to do that and that's why in again. That's we live in the here and now we long for that.

There and that then David and we look to market that's going crazy even as going up right now, even as Rome burns to be 4 trillion over our budget this year, the national debt going. You know 30 trillion another sand themselves, and when I can get back to normal, which I would put big fat air quotes around what is even normal anymore until 2030 and so build your house on the rocks, not in the sand. Financially, yet a diversify. We talk about that all the time, and spiritually. I would just ask everybody if it all ended tomorrow. Do you know for darn sure that you would go straight to heaven because Jesus is your one and only road there has nothing to do with what you think is your right is everything your house in order, financially and otherwise Lynn is the website with David and his team you hear his heart. That's why you're still on the radio together. We love the Lord more than we love any of this stuff. Lynn website very 448-7988 80 Sue I love you, David, thanks for being on love you too my brother love America will soon see nobleness even though Michelle got willing

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