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Church Ladies: The Most Powerful Women in the World, p.3

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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June 23, 2019 1:00 am

Church Ladies: The Most Powerful Women in the World, p.3

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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Apostle Paul is writing this letter to a younger pastor who's now pastoring or overseeing the local church in Ephesus. He's giving Timothy some there's two aspects going on here.

He's given Timothy particular things that he knows need to be addressed in the local church at Ephesus, but he's also unfolding for us eternal truths for the church and all the ages and effectively saying here's how the bride of Christ. The local church. Here's how she should be faction fashioned and here's how she should function so we call this beautifying the bride her fashion her structure and then her function.

We are the bride of Christ, we are we have taken his name. He is our head. He is our groom, we are his bride and were to be a statement and expression of him to the world so we, as I do not just you individually. That's true of you individually is true of you and the world is triggered in the home of the workplace. Whatever disk we always represent Christ. But there's a unique and glorious sense in which the corporate local church body shows the world.

Christ, in a way nothing else can. It's his primary means for example when we get into the eternal state. Jesus said no be no husband and wife and family structures. We know it as important as that is. But that's limited to time, but the collected church will be there for time and then for eternity to manifest reflecting show forth God's great wisdom and God's great glory. So we come to chapter 2 and were looking at verses nine through 15 and this is actually 1/3 part if you want all this you have to go back and get the other two sections. Paul is given some instruction to me and about a particular aspect of their sphere and responsibility of the church.

Now he addresses women in the church at a particular aspect that's concerning him about the church in Ephesus, and here's what he says.

First Timothy chapter 2 beginning in verse nine. Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garment, but rather by means of good works, as is proper for women making a claim to godliness. A woman must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness, but I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet, for it was Adam who was first created and then Eve. And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell in the transgression, but women will be preserved through the bearing of children if they continue in faith and love and sanctity with self restraint that we entitle this exposition church ladies the most powerful women in the world you may be aware that in Baptist life in an evangelical life.

Right now there's a lot of press from progressives.

They call themselves to embrace much of what's happening in the secular world with social justice and women's empowerment and other issues as if the Bible isn't sufficient and wise we need to listen to the right unregenerate culture to learn how the church is defunct, which is absurd. Utterly ridiculous, and one of the points they emphasize is we've got to empower women or my point to them is your 2000 years late. God has already given us is Almighty sufficient word on the great power that he's ordained for women to carry out and possess but it's carried out in the here's wisdom, not in the world's wisdom, but in fact it's going to be quite contrary to what the world are what natural logic might come up with so were talking about the fact that some church ladies not being true spirit bought born-again biblically wise church ladies. Now we begin by talking about how womanhood and met motherhood is under such fierce attack in our day and I said to you that I don't think there's an arena of truth in area of Christian truth that is under more unrelenting attack than the biblical understanding of womanhood and motherhood and I gave you two women to consider and I challenge you to think in terms of all women lined up under the actions and the consequences of the actions of these two women.

Eve in the Garden of Eden who took upon herself to deal with Satan, who played headship apart from Adam, who was to be her head, who debated with Satan about whether not she should even the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

He seduced Gary took advantage of her.

She took of the tree. God commanded her not to eat and she sent and this brought sin and ruined into the world. Years later, think about that ladies the results didn't happen immediately. You may rebelled and it looks like it's working or cease.

Years later, when her sons were young adults. I assume they were young adults came in a bitter, jealous rage, murders his brother Abel, and thus we see the beginning of the multiplication of CN and Ritalin in the earth through childbirth. Eve bears children, they multiply sin. They bear sick children.

They continue to multiply thing, but then we have a picture of another lady in Scripture. Mary the virgin Mary, and she in submission to God's will bears a son. Hey, he has no earthly father. The Holy Spirit can see Christ in her womb, and she bears his son and through her childbirth CNN ruined or not. Multiply no absolutely the reverse through her offspring, salvation and redemption come into the world. And so, in God's wisdom. All women will line up under one of the two you will be in a type of Eve, at least in her actions of the betrayal and rebellion.

Who took things upon herself, rejecting God's wisdom did her own thing and contributed to more CN and run in the world or you'll be a type of Mary, who, through your home and your offspring and your influence, you will be an agent of bringing salvation and redemption in the world. One of the two you be there be of the type of Eve sin and ruined multiply through you are type of Mary salvation and redemption multiplied through you another beautiful and glorious thing is you don't have a choice in this until your converted but once your say what you're born-again. And God has changed you on the inside. Then you have the word of God to inform you, and you can begin to walk in his wisdom, and by his power, and be indeed like Mary and produce the kinds of households in the constant kinds of offspring and the kinds of consequential influence in the earth that is for good.

That is, for salvation. That is for redemption and that's where Paul is getting to hear so what you notice as we reviewed again the heart. The hairdos in the hemlines in verse 90 tells the women in Ephesus. Don't be like the Ephesian women of your day. The Ephesian women are godless, they do not know God, I may live for this world and it shows in their dress there so excessive and they're so extravagant. Paul says here with braids in joules and pearls in their hair all they would just make it up in the most elaborate show. We ways. This point was not that women can't wear any kind of attractive clothing or jewelry teacher sake. They put so much emphasis there because that's all they have their all surface and no substance.

So he says the to the ladies at Ephesus come out of that viewpoint and the most important part of this is your heart attitude. He goes on to the second point, there were knowledges. He just say your dress ought to be different and your dress ought to make a different statement about you and about who your God is in the world but your primary statement. Your important statement is your good work. So we looked at Roman to good works and godly women. He says there in verse 10 of our text, but rather by means of good works, as is proper for women making a claim to godliness. So now he says what you wear on the outside.

Yes it's important it ought to be modest at all to say something about this holy and pure God put you on or in love with your life.

But above and beyond that, make sure your good works are your primary adornment. Make sure your family and make sure your church family. Make sure your community would say what she's a beautiful woman but the most beautiful part of her heart in the works I see coming out of her life. That's what Paul tells the ladies at Ephesus in this local church to be putting their emphasis upon all the women in the church here at Ephesus claim to be godly women but evidently there was some leaning over are stretching out to embrace some of the world's ideas and it seems that the apostle Paul is trying to combat that in bring that back in balance.

Let's continue now with new material. III we talk about divine roles and denied rebels divine roles and denied rebels. First of all, we look at verse 11 and he comes off of the dress of woman and the good works being the dormant to actually how woman is to conduct herself and what her role is primarily in the public worship of the local church switches in verse 11. A woman must entirely receive instruction with entire submissiveness again. This has a primary application to the local church and I think the local church worship service. Be careful in taking this general rule and applying it to other areas of life are making hard and fast legalistic rules. He does though the Bible does reiterate this because in first Corinthians 1434 and 35. He has the same basic instruction.

The women are to keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak, but are subject are to read the subject himself. Just as the law also says to this is been God's role even before under the Old Testament law is to be the proper practice even under the new covenant of grace, at least in the public worship of the server church if they desire to learn anything, let them ask their own husbands at home for it is improper for a woman to speak in church that this first verse ladies, far from being an oppressive injunction is actually a statement of glorious liberation because you have to understand the context in the ancient Greek world are the ancient Jewish world.

Both cultures were active course in this day, women were not included with men in public assemblies, and I were certainly not included with men in instructional areas. Medevac some of the ancient Jewish rabbis would not allow women to even be present based would say what I have their place within the home and the men are the ones who to be educated and to be instructed Paul. Actually, the Greek construct here, which shows that Paul is commanding he's requiring the women be elevated out of that oppressive position to sit in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ and an equal setting with the men, which was I radical liberation for women in this very day, women VCR: equal beings. Women are coal image bearers with men and Paul says they must be allowed to sit under the faithful preaching in the teaching of God's word just for a brief history lesson here. I get so irritated. Hearing the liberals of our day. Talk about Christianity oppressing women. And I'm not saying there hasn't been some abuse there. And so wickedness of false teachers and false Christians that has happened, but if you take world history.

It's all over Wyoming Lee clear that Christianity and the gospel has been the greatest liberator of oppressed women that's ever influence the world.

Just in my own experience.

Take the entire Islamic world, the entire existing salon the world and you have untold millions and millions and millions from little girls to teenagers to young ladies to any agent life living under horrible abuse and oppression and how these secular liberals of our day.

Keep warming up Islam.

I do not understand is the most vicious and awful treatment of women that you have on the earth today. You show show me a person who comes out of that culture and embraces the gospel and you will see women begin to be treated with equality and respect Christianity as the great liberator of women when we've done our work in India. Little research on this and you'll find that in the caste systems of India. You know you're born into a certain cast and you're just stuck there for life.

You're in the lower cast. You're just considered this but like a dog in India, but they will tell you that the lowest of the lowest is women in India bearing the cast by themselves treated almost like property in many ways and are not given the dignity and the respect as coal image bearers of God, the way the Christian teaching does, but I have ministered in indented groups who have found Christ embrace Christ and you do not see the ladies treated this way they're raised out of that oppression by the Christian gospel and by Christian truth in our work in Africa among the tribal peoples horrible oppression and injustice and unfairness to the ladies in the culture they're treated like concubines almost images horrible and abusive.

But in the Christian circles where the gospel is pretty traded their tall they can't treat women like that any longer by our liberator. We can talk about. For example, the American Indian culture before Christianity influence their culture. In some American Indian tribes. They viewed their wives and daughters as prostitutes. They were used in whatever way they wanted to use them terrible oppression and yet when the Christian gospel reach them. This all began to change folks. This is 100% undeniable world history. Christianity true Christianity is the greatest liberation of oppressed women that is ever influenced the earth, but you know what is Satan can't get us on one side of the bit to get us to get off on the other side is what Satan has come in now under the idea of liberating women and gone be on local roles and given movement will her role that is just as dangerous and destructive but they cloak it in a new wave of liberation.

Now we need to remind ourselves is that the quality Christianity gives the women does not do away with the divinely ordained structure and order that God has decreed for the home and for the church.

Did you hear that the divinely decreed older God ordained for men in the church and the divinely decreed order and role God has been ordained for women is not to be lost in the liberation.

God is given women from the oppression that the world has put upon them. Just a real real quick run through of the Old Testament and the New Testament and how the look if you study the religions of antiquity. You'll find no other religion did this for women like Judaism and later Christianity did. For example in the Old Testament the statuses of men and women are considered equal before God that would true in the pagan religions of that date go to study the ancient Egyptians had, I would literally kill women and put them into the terms with the Pharaoh. So you have women in the afterlife with why because you just his property. Christianity would condemn that are rather old Judaism would condemn that because men and women were equal before God.

For example in Deuteronomy 1 the law was given to all men and women that would been radical in that day a minute. Women were to teach both responsible resident teach their children not common in other religions of that day. Deuteronomy 6 the protections of the law report be applied equally for men and for women. One was Knox Cook is considered superior to the other before the Old Testament law, women had inheritance rights number 36. Another thing that would been rare in the other religions of the day, both participated in the religious festivals and religious feast. Women were involved in spiritual service and God often dealt directly with women in the Old Testament. So we see ancient Judaism are the old law greatly elevated the women of the cultures of that day and then we come over into the New Testament.

For example well-known to be say this first about the limitations to women's roles within the culture of Israel. For example, in Israel there were no ruling queen in Israel. No women were allowed to serve as priest in Israel. No women feel the ongoing office of profit. No woman filled the ongoing office as preacher or teacher that there was a prophetess or two, and there was a teacher or two, but not an office of teaching within the church that the economy of the Old Testament. Now let's go over to the New Testament for moment and we find in the New Testament the same idea again in Galatians 328 is a powerful and important verse. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither free man are slave or free man, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. What he is talking about here is forest your importance to God, and your standing before God are slave is as much God's child as his master's godchild Greek can be as much a child of God as a Jew can be a child of God, a radical thought in that day you start everybody else were Gentile dogs but Christianity radically reverses that, and men are no more before God, righteous and holy been a redeemed woman can be righteous and holy in the eyes of God.

This is all talking about our standing of salvation before God, not about our roles and our service to God. Get that down our standing before God is equal but our roles and service for a book before God is differing for men and for women I just found a couple of things up perusing some some writings on the difference in men and women. Is it not insane that a preacher has to get in the pulpit and explain that men and women are different. Have you got eyes. For example, I read in the military times an article from September of last year that since they've open combat duty to women that very few women have signed up for combat duty and of those who have very, very few have qualified to be in a combat unit why when they opened it up. Do men still over percentagewise, overwhelmingly, are men.

The ones who sign up for these most dangerous job I tell you what God made man and women differently.

NaturallySpeaking women are more prone to take the caretaker role in the nurturing role, men are more likely be daring and give me the dangerous role. There are exceptions, but that's the general rule why because God made men to be men and God made women to be women and men are immeasurably superior to women and being men and women are immeasurably superior to me. I women are method emissions. Men at being women. It's always been that what they're different a time magazine article. This is very recent spoke of how men are much more likely to die doing dangerous jobs than women are with is a reason for that women don't try to get employed in the most dangerous jobs near the percentage men do because God made them different there may differently there made of a different material. If you will now so natural, common sense would lead to any person of any cultures they did not have the Bible, even if the pagans to know men are different than women. You can stay if you study cultural anthropology have a class or two on that in college, you'll find that no matter the culture. No matter the time. The civilizations, the societies realize men are different than women.

It's always been that way because God did make them different. But here's what happens without Christian truth. These pagan or non-Christian cultures of antiquity and even in our day would see the difference between the two and decide that will women therefore are inferior. Naturally know they're not inferior, they're given a different role.

God reverses that God obliterates that oppressive viewport and gotchas know just because I giving them or the nurturing and caretaking role does not diminish their value in my working in my king, they are equal before me, but with differing roles than men. And that's why God meant that so many Christian truth because the stuff straightened back out if you love you I'll challenge you go to all the non-Christian cultures on the earth and see how they take the fact that men are stronger physically to mean that men are greater or superior to women is a lie.

I have a different role. They're designed to do different things, but they are not greater in the eyes of God takes Christianity to balance that out. For example, notice how Peter says it in first Peter 37 you husband's in the same way live with your wives and understanding way live live understanding men that she's made of different material than men are. She ate one of the guys done at the shop.

She's different live understanding the distant difference. He said he's his ass with someone weaker literally mean she's made of a different material than men are. I don't know about you a lot. Women being women. I like that way they dress the way they appear feminine, the weather, the sweetness and all this stuff today about that one man can stay home and they can be the caregivers. I will take if you pull the children at angle happen that way but I think did that one time I told children, who do you want to stay home with you.

Your sick mom or dad.

Mom got about 90% of the vote and that's me. I know what dad do it given aspirin. He goeth off to some else moms that their intention care for you and cuddle you and stroke you all that of you lock God made women different and long live the differ on, she's made of a different material since she's a woman. But notice this notice, the balance here.

First Peter 37 and show her honor as a fellow air of grace, so that your prayers will not be hindered just because she has differing gifts and make different by God in a different role than you men have you not to deem her as less valuable in the eyes of God might affect me and we all be roughly opposite. Our ladies deserve our protection, our provision and I respect. Matter fact I'll just go ahead and say it were dealing with a couple guys right now you better start supporting their wives or their children.

The goal come for the church. Are you hearing me well. It's tough well think it's tough and you take two jobs would you take care your why you take care your children that's accountability.

Churches that have, we wouldn't have this abusive warping of these roles were men get away with taking their stronger natural capacities and taken advantage of the women in their lives now were talking about the New Testament now and how the New Testament teaches this equality but differing roles.

Now let's go to verse 11's fall continues and he says a woman must quietly receive instruction with entire submit submissiveness again the context is in the public assembly of the church that when women are present.

Even there, though there: equal before God is the image bearers of God with men.

They are not giving the role of taking authority in the church are doing the preaching and the teaching in the church, but they are required to listen and learn in a spirit of submission.

The word submission verse 11 means, as in rank is exact same term that would be used in a military description of the Cpl. is above the private in rank, but they're both equally valuable soldiers. That's the picture that Paul is writing for us here now verse 12 Paul says, but I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet and again I think this is clearly implying in the assembly of the church. The regular meetings of the church God has not given women the role of taking the Scriptures and leading with authority.

Look, if you teach the Scriptures your exercising authority. If you have the office of pastor, teacher or elder.

You have the office of authority either one is what Paul is talking about you and I know there's some scuttle about tub Beth Moore today and Beth Morse been pushing the envelope. She bragged the other day that she was actually preaching on Sunday morning and some Baptist churches and she was kinda making light of that, poking at some folks about that she'd make a lot of know she won't she can poke all she wants. That's beyond the ordained role for the local church assembly for women. God has a role and reason for the role he's given men and women in his work now. Again, this is the cyst. This is a strong statement were pulses I do not allow. I think the port probably here is that some of these Ephesian ladies have been converted.

They've enjoyed the great new level of esteem and respect and honor Christianity has given them. But like all of us. They easily got out of balance and some of them stepped over into demanding dominance and authority in the church and so Paul says timeout, the quality God's given you does not change the divinely ordained role God has for you in his church, and in his work.

I think what we see here as the is the apostle Paul's wisdom to grasp the domino effect of allowing these forceful domineering women to continue to take root in the local churches, ladies, here's what I would say to you again that I mentioned earlier E prevailed.

Eve sand, but she didn't see tangibly outside of herself. The sin consequence so much until many years later, so don't argue on the basis of well it's working well it's better look how this works know you.

You gotta wait for the dominoes to fall for you know the consequence of violating God's ordained wisdom or his church. One caution I would give to all people today and since we by the way we live in the most effeminate, whiny emotion, lead culture, you can imagine, we become so less manly in our culture and so much more effeminate where emotions drive about everything and by the way, the one of great problems with emotions driving. Everything is that emotions change a lot.

She never know really. Which way you're going. But what happens to a lot of people. At this point, though.

Save this does not feel right. This does not feel fair and they bring emotions into their hermeneutic are, how they interpret Scripture but if you bring in how you feel regularly into the way you understand Scripture you will unleash an unending plunge into perversion of doctrine and practice into your life and into the church human emotions change all the time. The word of God stands forever. Now let me give you an extreme example of inside Paul says I do not allow a woman to take a position of authority as the office of pastor or preacher or teacher in the church assembly.

What I was actually happening in the church. The New Testament records about it is a recording about it. Revelation chapter 2 verse 20 God says to this church, but I have this against you, church, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel.

This is the church in Thyatira.

You tolerate the woman Jezebel that's not the literal Jezebel of the Old Testament. Ahab's wife, the Queen. It was so wicked teacher saying she's of the same spirit of Jezebel.

And here's what she does. She calls herself a prophetess, God called me to preach God gave me these gifts. You have to listen to me that's what she said she felt that deeply and she teaches and leads my bondservant to strike. She's very effective very convincing looks solid so they commit acts of immorality and eat things sacrificed.

Ultimately, she led them in the scene so Paul says to the church at Ephesus through Timothy. I don't allow woman to exercise authority in teach and preach. Now this church and thought Tyra is being judged primarily for allowing a woman to take that position of authority and teach and preach in the church.

There's a powerful insight for us in first Corinthians 11 three first Corinthians 11 three tells us, but I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man that that's in the church technologies the head of all but in the more direct and and and familiar way. He's the head of every man. The man is the head of a woman and God is the head of Christ Jesus.

Don't you understand foot. For the purposes of God building his church and glorify himself. He has roles that he's ordained and we are to function in those roles. First of all, God the father is the head of authority over God the son, Jesus Christ, God the son could start a liberation movement while timeout I am coequal to God the father time is much God is God the father is even though I'm God the son that is true, but in the Godhead. They ordained the purpose of the good of the church and glorifying God. God the father would rule as authority and head over God the son. How many times did Jesus say during his earthly ministry. I'm not doing what I will, but my father's will. I'm yielding what I would naturally think is maybe a human being would be right but I'm yielding that to the will of my heavenly father so that he comes to men and women only earth in the church is only in God's people, but this didn't work in a fallen world. They don't have the capacity to embrace it. Only Christians who had changed hearts can begin to see the wisdom in this justice, God the son, willing to yield to the headship of God the father. So within the church function and within the home. The women should honor the headship of Mendel. They're not lesser in any way. Just like God the son is not lesser than God the father.

So we embrace ladies module would be is if if in God's enablement you embrace this wisdom of God and you say, for the good of the whole, for the good of the church and for the glory of God. We embrace God's wisdom for our sphere of responsibility and our roles. Now I know when you get out in the world. So we ladies have jobs in the world. This does not line up like this. I would put up upon your burden to make instructions given to Christian church services and Christian homes. I don't think you decay that same burden in the world but I think you should be aware as you function in the world that God made you differently than men and let you know it's it's just hit so obvious and so true. How how warped our culture is as they try to say there's no real difference. Brother David and I went on a trip to Canada weeků Brother Blake set us up on a hunting trip and we spent about two and half days with him and worked on some things and on the way back up. The lady that picked us up to take our luggage to our car was about 68 years old.

She was fairly short in stature and she had not seen a workout GM and 70, sweet lady. I mean, I love her description the disposition I love her countenanced but there's no way on earth she was on be able to pick up those 50 pound luggage bags and put them in the back that man and there's no way on earth I would have allowed her to do it so I loaded all of mine. I loaded all Brother David's and of all things.

There was a couple that came up in this guys rod newsletter one and we'll things and I loaded all his and his wife's only know one God made man different than women. She couldn't do that. No way that dear little lady could do that all day and I thought men she's probably raising grandkids she's doing the best she could. I'm not bitter about underselling men and women are different in this quick button. Ladies and places me at all. Being that's not respect. That's not honor that's not care that's actually oppression.

I believe that's where the real abuse is just different, and God has different roles women are certainly not inferior intellectually and inherently many things that affect God gave women the capacity to multitask that very few men have so not lose not the argument that we can move women cannot do certain jobs as well or better than men. Here's the argument nobody can raise babies and keep the home like a woman. She just made to and what you lose their is far far greater than anything you gain out there.

Well, verse 12.

Again, when he said I don't allow this. He say I don't allow that lady to take the office of pastor, teacher, or preside over the regular assembly of the church. Thus, the phrase the universe tweaked way up to exercise authority in the church when a woman attempts to exercise authority over a man, especially within the church. She functions in incompatibility with her nature and outside of her role assigned by God Roman for our last one reversing the curse restoring the course. That's exactly what Paul is alluding to hear reversing the curse and restoring the course. First of all Paul says don't you understand something before sin entered the world.

This was God's order. This was God's design. Verse 13 of our text, for it was Adam who was first created and then Eve now so before the fall, and some liberals like to say well we had this muddied up mess because in the fall of C in these roles got established policies know that it this is God's original design. Just like it was ordained from eternity past that God the father would send coequal God the son to obey God the father's will to go to the cross for the good of the bride, the church, so before the fall, God designed men with one ram in sphere and women with another realm and speak the order of creation establishes the role of men and women. Adam created first, and Eve created for him.

First Corinthians 11 a denies a great cross reference here to show you that Paul taught this regularly for man does not originate from woman to woman from man. For indeed man was not created for the woman's sake woman for the man sake. That's very clear and thus the powerful premise that Paul is making babies on in verse 14 and says now let's take the fall and show how the fall into sin even more emphasizes this divine design of God it was not Adam who was deceived were in verse 14 but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression.

What he saying here is, in the fall. You have the reversal of God's divine design in the fall.

You have a changing over the first.

Paul said before the fall, God ordained these roles and through the fall. It's illustrated what happens if you deny and reverse these roles. Let's go back to Genesis chapter 3 in our thinking. Adam and Eve were in the garden, God has told Adam and Eve.

Do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What happened Eve played the master Eve took the lead. Eve functioned independent of her headship. Adam. She took it upon herself to decide the decision. Satan comes and deceives her. She was new. God calls Adam and Eve into account. First, God speaks to Eve said Eve, why have you done this by doing this trail told you not to eat. She said the serpent deceived me, and I Genesis 313 so she acknowledges her weakness and her folly of acting independently of her God appointed head Adam.

God calls Adam in what was Adam much because our text doesn't want you ladies to know Adam is very guilty and very responsible for the plunge of mankind and the sin God calls Adam meaning God's as Adam wanted to do. This trail told you not to eat a piece of this woman you gave me. She gave me the tree and I but the point is this the point Paul is bringing out and illustrating this at this time. Is this by simply inverting their positions.

Their callings are there roles that is, the woman took headship and the man Adam yielded to that governance and headship the whole happy Constitution of Paradise was overthrown and everything degenerates into ruin and evil disorder all the way down to this day.

Paul's point to the ladies in the church is you now are born again you have a new heart and a new mind in Jesus Christ. And now with the glorious liberty the gospel has given you don't go too far, and demand roles of the church that are beyond God's wisdom for you in the healthy and right functioning of the church would be in the word here would be balance. Balance verse 15.

What an interesting concept comes out here verse 15, but women though they it it it it in even what womankind was represented and through womankind. This fall, and this came into the world, the least of her initial choices, he says, but women will be preserved through the bearing of children if they continue in faith and love and sanctity was self-restraint.

Interesting. A woman will be preserved through the bearing of children. Now womankind is the mother of all the living. It's the divine decree that put women in this high and holy and honored position. No wonder motherhood stays under unrelenting attack from site is you not constantly demeaning diminishing have an abortion.

Do your own thing. Put your career before your Childress constant constant constant attack.

Why, because this shows the wisdom and design of God and Satan hates that he wants to undermine that. But think about this concept of through childbearing through childbirth dimension cheer you see through childbearing women now bring countless little centers in the world and is also little centers grow up to become adults more sand and more real, and enters the world through childbirth. This glorious honored events of God that women bear wife is become a cause of sin and ruin in the world because these little centers grow up to be big centers but also through childbirth. The Savior came into the world and he reversed course he been born of the ladies that's an interesting statement on the nobility and the dignity and holiness of motherhood childbirth that God brought his Savior that way. Through Jesus through Mary and her birthing of Jesus, salvation and redemption, not sin and ruin are brought in to the world. Interesting how the Bible speaks of childbirth are being born of woman. For example, in Job 25 four. How then can a man be just with God. RR has or how can he be clean who is born of woman of which were all born with the sin nature for all born will centers and we continue with sin and ruin were all guilty before God. But Galatians 44 when the fullness of time came, God sent forth his son, not in the work born of woman. The salvation came the same way sin came in multiplied through the birthing bow woman, so through bearing children, womankind participated greatly and mankind's did not demise. Also, the bearing of the child.

Women have contributed greatly in the salvation of the world and in Christ they can continue to do so.

So Paul at the end of verse 15 says if they continue in the gnosis ladies faith love sanctity was self-restraint. That means you got to constantly being in forming your heart and mind with the truth of the word of God and constantly be self-restraint to be a repent or not to get out of the role God's called you to be in God's called you to do then if you stay in that role and honor God, then you will be an instrument for salvation and redemption in the world. Not like even her rebellious moment was an instrument of sin and ruin in the world is one of the so do not diminish in unbelief the great and wondrous role of Christian motherhood, of being a faithful wife and honors her husband and a faithful church lady that honors the elders of her church, because millions upon millions of women believe Satan's lie over and over again as they stepped down from this high calling to eat of Satan's new tree of feminism and liberation and its ally, just like the first lie he told Eve that when he says here let's unpack this a little bit more work done, but women will be preserved. Pastor, what does that mean women will be preserved in the bearing to China does it mean that God just banished all of them. Here's the point of the word preserve their main saved art can be translated, cured women, here's one convinced image women can participate in changing the course reversing the person changing the course. If the do what God's call to have such power to impact the world for good. It'll stay in the faith, sanctity, self-control.

As Paul said here in verse 15 and that's the meaning here.

They can be God's agent for God's purposes and God's glory. They can be God's influencers, God secures in the world. Unlike Eve, who was deceived and rebelled.

If these church ladies in Ephesus and the church ladies at Grace life. The tolls in the instructional exit today will not be duped and will not be rebellious but instead will listen to the Holy Spirit will follow the holy word bear their children honor their husbands auto veils of the church and followed faithfully in God's role then they will be faithful used shirts, savers, preservers of good in the world. Powerful impact not like Eve, who brought sin and ruin more like Mary who brought salvation and redemption US but pastor, the feminist, the worldly women.

They seem to be having the greatest influence to me out yet you don't see as God sees their works are temporal, your work for God is eternal. Their works will burn up your works will be blessed forever, but only Christian women only church ladies who know God have the godly wisdom to see the error that so prominent in today's world, and a repent from that era and order their lives so that they participate in reversing the curse and changing the course for the good of the home. The good of the church and the glory of God. I'll close with this illustration.

Eliza Spurgeon, Eliza Spurgeon was Charles Haddon Spurgeon's mother. Eliza Spurgeon was the primary teacher of her home because her husband John was a shopkeeper during the week and preached on the weekends and just wasn't home very much so Eliza Spurgeon knew that she had the poor truth and godliness in godly teaching and her children.

You know Charles when he grew up her son when he grew up he became literally world renowned Charles Haddon Spurgeon's books of sermons are still the most widely read in the history of Christianity about the living or the dead's influence is is incalculable. I was in the Bush of Africa stayed in the home of a preacher and their own is shelf was a book by Spurgeon. I mean spread that the influence of Charles Haddon Spurgeon's heart. You can't measure it, the influence for good. At Spurgeon's death.

60,000 people passed by his casket and 100,000 people lined the roads of London just to pay homage and honor because his preaching it so impact but Spurgeon himself gives the most credit for his life and ministry to his mom, Eliza Spurgeon, Charles said of his mom. I cannot tell how much I hold to the solemn words of my good mother. He says of his earliest childhood memories is his mother gathering him and his brothers and sisters around the table to read the Bible to them and plead with them to turn to Christ for salvation.

Spurgeon said and I quote some of the words of her prayers. I will never forget. Even when my mold in my hair's gray one specific prayer that Spurgeon remembers about his godly mother was his mother who prayed no Lord if my children go on in their sins. It will not be from ignorance that they perish, and my soul must bear swift witness against them at the day of judgment. If they lay not hold of Christ. He later said how can I ever forget her tear filled eyes as she warned me to escape the wrath to come. And he also said never could it be possible for any man to estimate what he owes a godly mother impact. What impact so ladies, let the modern feminist cast herself into the world and strike her deepest smart they are hoping for some lasting memorial to her own greatness. But you church ladies true born-again spirit, raw biblically wise church ladies continue as Paul instructs here in faith and love, sanctity and self-restraint fulfill your God appointed role in the stead of trying to make some mark in the world that God use you to change the world. That's the difference. Feminist has one little mark on perishing world little Eliza Spurgeon #the entire globe through her son, Charles and Marx that last for eternity, whose more powerful that he free Dan R. Eliza Spurgeon, church ladies true true church ladies are the most powerful women in the world. No question about it one last verse. First Peter 36 just the same, obeyed Abraham, calling him Lord, and you become her children.

If you do what is right. Here's the key without being frightened by any fear, but I'm afraid to do that.

That's why policies here ladies get to keep the faith in you say faith can't function with fear you're afraid you'll be abuse you afraid to be left out and afraid you'll miss something. God says don't you understand I'm trying to give you everything.

Not trying to rob you of anything because you possess ladies being the agents of God to bring life into the world. You possess the capacity to literally change the world church ladies most powerful women in the world

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