Fool Fuel

The word, Fool clearly has a bad feel to it, but lately I have been considering the word, at its heart it has to do with being tricked, duped into choosing a counterfeit, you thought you were getting the good stuff but you were fooled. So in order to be fooled there has to be a fooler and a foolee. The fooler’s intent is to take advantage of the foolee’s ignorance or gullibility in most cases.

E10 for example in my view is such a situation, though its not a hill I’m prepared to die on. Most all of us buy it every week as part of our gasoline purchases as the government has left us little choice unless you want to pay a lot more for real gasoline which is in fact less expensive to produce and has more bang for the buck by far and away, and is better for your car. E10 is fool fuel for sure, yet this fool uses it everyday because its cheaper.

Another Fool, someone click, click, clicking the gas pump thinking they are saving money buying extra fuel, filling their tank and then some with gas that’s about to get more expensive is another example of being fooled. This practice can cost so much more than the few cents you may save per gallon. Cars today have an (EVAP) system with a hose at the top of the filler neck of you car and by completely filling your filler neck causes liquid fuel, (not vapors) to run into the system contaminating your charcoal filter etc…

I hate to think of all the ways I am fooled every day, its a dangerous world out there with Satan and many, many of his followers out to fool you at every choice you make, from eating more or less meat, buying insurance or alarm systems, How about extended warranties.

I do need to share that I can’t imagine an extended warranty that you are being texted or called or mailed about is possibly not a foolish choice. My experience with them is that they have so many clauses and exclusions in the fine print that it would take an expert in both law and automotive mechanics to begin to decern the value of it. Most I have ever dealt with actually have a clause that if a part wears out its not covered. So your engine is warrantied for 100k Miles, what good is that if a bearing wears out? Not to mention all the maintenance gimmicks usually involved. If there is one out there worth the money I have not seen it but I understand I could be being fooled. It happens to me so many times every day.

Jesus told us in Matthew 5:6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled.” So if I hunger for righteousness what is not fool fuel, what will truly give me spiritual energy and even increase my hunger, Crack my Throttle. When you step on the gas in your car in a way you being fooled, yep that gas pedal doesn’t really add gasoline to your engine directly, No it opens your engine to get more air, (which is a gas but not gasoline), that air creates a huge vacuum sucking more air and fuel into the engine, ultimately all the gasoline in the world will do you no good without oxygen and lots of it.

Similarly all the scripture in the world will not feed my hunger or provide spiritual energy without the Spirit of God helping me to oxidize it. So the more air/spirit we can crack our throttle with the hungrier we get, and the more we can be filled. Yet if I dive into the word of God with out prayer and being led by the spirit, I believe I am being fooled.

Worse if I dive into my TV set or my iPhone apps or Social Media it may look like validation or high energy spiritual content, or anointing but its fool fuel, starving me clogging my catalytic converter so the air won’t flow, just sayin. Yes I may be fooled 50 times today, but Jesus help me to crack my throttle bring in your Spirit and Your Word that you may getting me running hot enough to burn out the impurities…

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