The Cross in Fairmont, NC (North Carolina)

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Fairmont, NC

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PO Box 668
Fairmont, NC 28340

Phone: (910) 628-6781
Fax: (910) 628-6648

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The Cross (Fairmont, NC) Program Guide

5:15am Lloyd Morgan Revivals Lloyd Morgan
5:30am In Touch Charles Stanley
6:00am Renewing Your Mind R.C. Sproul
7:00am The Morning Show Marty Minto
8:30am Turning Point David Jeremiah
9:00am No Tradition Just The Word Dale Hester
9:30am Through The Bible J. Vernon Mcgee
10:00am Running To Win Erwin Lutzer
10:15am Bible Time Broadcast Joe Chambers
10:30am Lloyd Morgan Revivals Lloyd Morgan
10:45am Jesus Is The Answer Harry Clark
11:00am Speak The Word Joanne Ramsey
11:15am Pit Stop 4 Parents John Steigerwald and Matt Clark
11:30am Thru the Word David Sims
12:00pm Anchored In Truth Jeff Noblit
12:30pm Family Talk James Dobson
1:00pm Todays Best Christian Music
5:00pm Homecoming Radio Bill Gaither
6:00pm Grace To You John Macarthur
6:30pm Revive Our Hearts Nancy Leigh Demoss
7:00pm Todays Best Christian Music
10:15pm Victory In Jesus Joyce Haseldenm
10:30pm Todays Best Christian Music
1:00am Lloyd Morgan Revivals Lloyd Morgan
1:30am Todays Best Christian Music
8:00am Grace To You Weekend John Macarthur
8:30am Soul Seeking Ministry Virgil Chesnutt
9:00am Bible Time Broadcast
12:00pm Public Service Fairmont Today
1:00pm Open Bible Dialogue Live Joe Chambers
3:00pm Local Artist Spotlight Mark Hunter
4:00pm Truth Talk Live Stu Epperson, Jr.
5:00pm Gospel Truth Russel Kinlaw
5:30pm Coming Of Christ Program Listern Dial
7:00pm The Reggie Gay Gospel Show Reggie Gay
8:00am George Conner Rev George Conner
8:30am No Tradition Just The Word Dale Hester
9:00am Youth For Christ Program Clarence Sanderson
9:30am Rightly Divided Kevin Garris
3:00pm Local Artist Spotlight Mark Hunter
7:00pm Turning Point David Jeremiah
8:00pm Voice Of Revival Bob Carden