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Lunch with Tony Evans
05 Jan

Lunch with Tony Evans


Dr. Tony Evans will be discussing racial reconciliation 50 years after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the impact we can have in our schools. The bible exhibit will be on display with a special MLK section.


Friday, January 19, 2018
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM EST
(Doors open at 10:30am)

Hosted by: Truth Network | The Light | WBJF | Energize Ministries | I Can Only Imagine Movie
Pre-born Ministries
13 Dec

Pre-born Ministries

Dear Friend,

“I can’t have an abortion after seeing that!”

There it was. The decision made between life and death. And all it took was seeing.

She stared at the ultrasound screen taking in the image of her unborn child. Until now she had thought it was just a lump of tissue. A mass of flesh. A product of conception. A potential life. Anything other than a baby.

But how could she argue with her own eyes? In this case seeing was believing. And what she saw was a baby. Or, as she put it, “a BABY baby.”

Can you think of anything more beautiful than a woman realizing — in a flash of reality — that she is going to be a mom? You are part of this beauty. Every day, you make it possible for women to meet their pre-born baby for the 1st time on an ultrasound.

You save unborn lives. Every single day.

And today you have the opportunity to save twice the lives you normally do. Why? Because this year is special. This year your gift is being doubled by some very dear friends of Pre-Born.

Every gift given toward our year-end appeal will be matched up to a total of $250,000! Your gift to save 1 life becomes a gift to save 2.
Your gift to save 5 babies becomes a gift to save 10.
Beautiful isn’t it? Please make your best gift toward saving lives this year-end!


Dan Steiner, President
P.S. Please make your gift before December 31st, so you can double your impact!

Your Gift Of:

$28 Provides 1 ultrasound
$56 Provides 2 ultrasounds
$112 Provides 4 ultrasounds
$140 Provides 5 ultrasounds
$15,000 Provides an ultrasound machine

Click HERE to make a gift.