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Stu Epperson, Jr. is founder and president of The Truth Network, with radio stations across North Carolina, central Iowa, and Salt Lake City. Truth Network also develops and syndicates programs on over 300 affiliates nationwide. In his spare time Stu hosts Truth Talk Live, his own nationally syndicated show. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching and playing the game of basketball. His passion is that all people everywhere will experience truth. Stu lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with his wife, Julie, and their four daughters.
‘Trick or Treat’ Really Means ‘Trick or Truth’.
31 Oct

‘Trick or Treat’ Really Means ‘Trick or Truth’.

t-or-t-nightvisionAs believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, you and I are commissioned to spread His good news all the time! But imagine droves of impressionable youngsters coming to your house and knocking on your door for some good news. That’s really what Halloween is all about. You see when you hear the words ‘trick or treat’ what they’re really saying is ‘tell me the good news about Jesus’.  In fact, that’s the only true treat that can save our dying, depraved, lost world. The Gospel, the good news that a savior endured the worst haunted, horror of hell so lost and empty sinners could be filled and forgiven and experience eternal life in heaven. Let’s face it-there’s no haunted house or horror experience worse than eternal punishment in Hell for those that don’t know Jesus-

“And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.”

‭‭Revelation‬ ‭20:15‬ ‭

But thank God for Jesus Christ and the 

bloody spectacle of Calvary’s Cross-where the savior was savagely executed on my behalf-to make me a child of the king.  He conquered death and is coming back again. Salvation  can’t be earned, or paid for, because Jesus paid it ALL! This is a message worth sharing with EVERYONE-especially when they come to you. So go get a cool stack of gospel tracks and affix them to a yummy piece of candy. Then share the love of Jesus with those young door knockers this year. Who knows….someone may be impacted for eternity.  

The candy is free and won’t  last much longer than the evening. The ensuing tummy aches may last a day or too. The souls of these young people will

last forever-so let’s share the good news of the savior with them, while there’s still time-trick or truth! 

Remember the words of Jesus, ‘the Thief comes to steal, and kill and destroy; I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” 

John 10:10

On this worldwide day of death-let’s share the Life of Jesus, the opportunity is right at our doorstep. 

Stu is president and founder of The Truth Network, host of Truth Talk Live and author of ‘First Words of Jesus: From the Cradle to the Cross’ here’s an audio link to his recent ‘Trick or truth’ commentary