The mere name “Caractus Potts”  from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang illustrates Ian Flemming’s genius. What a delight to see a man living in his glory a reflection of his Creative Father. As Gideon was asked to illustrate in  the book of Judges chapter Seven. In order to bring light to the darkness you have to crack a few pots. Yes, go back and take a look at these jars of clay in the book of Judges and God used them to bring light into the darkness. The army had torches in jars and when Gideon cracked his pot then 300 Israelites followed suit with a loud crash and the bright flash of 300 torches getting full oxygen causing the darkness to flee as they blew their shofars; it had to be quite a sight, quite the New Year Fireworks, don’t ya think.

The question for me this New Year is how do I crack my pot? As Paul would tell us in 2 Corinthians 4:7 we all have that torch, (It’s Jesus) and we reflect that in some unique way that only I can and if I don’t do it no one else will. Take Caractcus Potts, he took his children’s dreams and invented so much more, a flying motor car. So what are your dreams, and do you have the courage to crack the pot. Like me you may have them buried down deep in the clay and you haven’t pulled them out in a long time. So here is a tip I got from a Ransom Heart Podcast. If you were left in a book store with nothing to do for an hour and there was no Christian Section, no Bibles, what books would you go explore?

As I pondered that I knew exactly where I would go, I would go to the hunting and fishing books. The more I thought about that the more I realized that my love for fishing and hunting had made a huge impact on the Kingdom. At our Boot Camps we do with Masculine Journey, many, many men have sent letter told stories how I helped them, fly fish or use my tackle, these had made a huge impression I would have never guessed for the Father they may have never had or didn’t share that same love. My own Grand Daughter, “The First Rule of Fishing Story“. What makes your heart come alive? Go Find out and crack that pot, the light will make the darkness flee… It’s a promise!!

Today’s show we have Matt Guilford and his dream to build a Reverse Trike… Cracking His Pot Today

“Mr. Dilmore –
I have a bucket list item that I’d like to see realized. I’d like to find someone who’d be interested in helping me create a reverse trike.  My wife and I are missionaries in Orlando and I’ve struggled with thinking that this is just a silly, childish dream – and perhaps it is.  when I was a kid, in the 80’s, my dad bought me a trike with a snowmobile engine in it and it was crazy fun.  Now in my mid-50’s I’d like to own a second car but it’s never really been in the budget for my wife and I. Anyway – I spend some of my free time surfing the net looking at reverse trike builds… and few weeks ago I went to a custom shop and got a reality check on what custom work actually costs.
I thought I’d reach out and see if you knew a hobby builder/ gearhead who likes to tinker and build things who might be interested in helping me realize a little dream. I have a little inheritance that I could use for the project.  I don’t know… just a thought I guess.  No harm in asking right?
Blessings on your ministry work – it’s so needed for families and single parents who have cars they’re trying to keep on the road.”
If you want to share this dream with Matt email him at Matt Guilford <>