The Power of A Cry: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures
17 Apr

The Power of A Cry: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

The Power of A CryFord’s new Max Motor Dreams crib proves my point.

Sorry for the Spanish Version, but you can read the subtitles and get the point and how many young parents including me have spent hours driving around at night with a colicky baby. What a cool idea but it speaks to desperate times, your babies cries tear at your heart like nothing else, wonder why? Because we are made in God’s image and his heart breaks at his children’s tears, yes it’s true He even stores them, Psalms 56:8. Yet he made us emotional little dickens with the ability to cry but this played a special role in Moses life and death apparently.

We put on a Passover Seder at Peace Church in Durham Thursday night, how cool that Passover week lined up with Easter this year as it did on the most holy, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The story of Moses in his little car seat/ark comes to mind and reading Exodus 2 carefully you will note it was Moses’ cry that saved him. A precious picture of the Ark of our hearts drawn from the waters of Baptism. As I was preparing for the Seder and studying I came across this article linked below because it speaks to two gigantic issues God has been teaching me this week, #1 the power of prayer, we are God’s Kids and God’s heart has not changed since the times of Moses and #2 the power of a cry… This article was such a blessing to me from a very well read Rabi and I believe my prayer life has been enlarged from it perhaps you too will be blessed this Holy weekend by reading it. This quote from the midrash was extremely powerful.

“Still, as the sound of Moses’ prayer to Him above grew even stronger, the Holy One summoned the ministering angels and commanded them: Go down in haste, bolt all the gates of every firmament–for Moses’ prayer was like a sword, ripping and tearing, and nothing could stop it”

The Death of Moses


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