Overcomers Overcame ‘Something’
17 Dec

Overcomers Overcame ‘Something’

Overcomers2 Corinthians 12:9 Is a precious, precious verse. It’s the very reason the “Beep Beep” Rambler vs Cadillac song was such a hit or “Little Old Lady From Pasadena” the. The 20 minute Movie Below, “Butterfly Circus” makes this point straight to your heart and provides amazing insights into faith and hope. In my view one of the best movies of ALL TIME, truly everyone should watch this movie.

So what have you overcome? That’s what Paul boasted about, it shows off God’s power to the world, we all have weakness, but seriously where is yours, what has God helped you overcome? This Christmas are you overcoming the death of a loved one or a broken betrayed friendship or perhaps a relationship, maybe financial hardship or abuse. THIS IS WHERE GOD”S POWER IS MADE PERFECT!!! By allowing God into that and helping you overcome, you light the way for the next victim of Satan’s cruelty to see what God can do for them. Like our hero in the Butterfly Circus. “The more difficult the struggle the more glories the triumph. “

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