24 Sep

Lessons From Gas Thirst 2016


What can we learn from this weeks gas scare in the Southeast

  1. Mass Shortages Occur When the public panics over the possibility of running out of something they deem a necessity.
  2. The Fuel Delivery System in the U.S. is quite fragile and monstrous in volume dispensed.
  3. Gasoline has to continue to flow for our systems to work, (current gasoline only has approx 3 month shelf life)
  4. Understanding the properties of modern gasoline mixtures can save you big problems
  5. The reflection of things Spiritual here is really cool, (just sayin)

On today’s Christian Car Guy Show September 24, 2016 I will go into detail on these points… but for this article let me say for anyone storing modern gasoline especially  the E10 you find at most pumps…DON”T!! it only lasts about 3 months and can cause you all kinds of problems down the road.

Tremendous amounts of Gasoline are consumed every second add to that so much leaks out and evaporates. Yet like the manna in the desert for the Israelite’s you can’t store it really so there has to remain a constant flow of phenomenal volume. (Something like 100x(10 to the 6th power) gallons of fuel flows in the Colonial pipeline every day. A leak of 336,000 gallons is a fraction of the daily output that was not the problem with supply it was that pipeline 1 was shut down for 12 days some 80 million gallons of gas didn’t get down the line.)

Hard to get your mind around all that. The good news is God supplies all that, not just for your car. Oil in the Bible has to do with anointing and lighting. Think about the oil in the Menorah and Christ, the word itself means the anointed one. The story of the 10 Virgins in Matthew 25 clearly describes a supply problem, had those other girls panicked like all the folks in North Carolina last week the Bride Groom would have had a much better reception with so much more light…

John 1:4 “In Him was the Life and that Life was the Light of men.” That’s our Jesus and endless supply if we just stay thirsty enough, check your gas gauge if you are getting low….PLEASE go spend some time getting your FILL…

Stay Thirsty my friends..

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