Two videos of reality: One canceled and one praised
17 May

Two videos of reality: One canceled and one praised

Recently a young lady named Emily Letts video taped the killing of her child. Afterwards, she even referred to the baby as a life.

Sadly her taped abortion is being widely celebrated. And if you are waiting for the president to condemn her act, you might be waiting a long time.

At the same time HGTV canceled the Benham brothers’ reality TV show, because they discovered them to be committed Christians, who are both pro-marriage, and pro-life.

How have we gotten to a point in America where a video of a live abortion gets rave reviews and the video of a live reality show, of a couple of successful, god loving twin brothers, gets condemned?

God Bless America?
How about God SAVE America!

See the full article about this here.

Wake up Christian, the battle has only begun.

Listen to this commentary here:

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